Missoulian mailbag

The Missoulian story, “FS fire experts denied access,” (Nov. 1) lacks key information. Money for every fire, climate and environmental issue must be reduced for a time. Every federal organization is cleaning up.

Cleanup is the right thing to do. A vast array of inappropriate behaviors must end.

Three of my friends died because of government mistakes. Armed Environmental Protection Agency agents barged into businesses without warrants and left with irreplaceable paperwork. The largest Superfund developed more pollution than was originally there. The Department of Environmental Quality showed that it did not understand chemical persistence. Governmental health agencies involved themselves in politics.

Internal Revenue Service? Housing and Urban Development? Well, you know what I’m driving at.

We cherish the U.S. Forest Service for its good people and good deeds but agents must live like the rest of us. Paying for 44 Rocky Mountain Research Station employees to attend a Florida seminar is too much. Scientists study at home and on the internet. Money is short, extravagance wrong.

Jack Wiegman,


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