Missoulian mailbag

Your piece about professor Martin Nie’s defunding (Sept. 24) is one of the most unskeptical, slobberingly one-sided pieces in recent memory.

First, can someone explain to me how obtaining a bachelor’s degree in political science and a doctorate in political science qualify someone to run a forestry department?

Second, state and federal tax dollars are used to pay the salary of Nie and fund his commissioned work. Are we really to believe it’s ethical to publish pointedly partisan work without input from the agencies commissioning it?

Third, this Ontario, Canada transplant has no qualms about characterizing his work in partisan terms. The first article on the Bolle Center's website (http://www.cfc.umt.edu/bolle/perspectives/publiclandstalk-2017.php) is a link to Nie’s March talk to a dark money environment group telling them, “I am here with an agenda,” and saying he is there to be a “counterview” to Republicans and state Sen. Jennifer Fielder.

Does the University of Montana no longer teach skepticism as part of its journalism curriculum? Is skepticism of dark money think tanks only limited to those on the right?

With 70 percent of timber jobs gone in just a generation, Nie’s views have real consequences. Enough publishing of unskeptical, one-sided propaganda from the bubble boys in academia, please.

Timothy Adams,

Seeley Lake

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