Missoulian mailbag

I am a confused about the issue of states rights as it regards this marijuana thing.

If it is against federal law, how can the states declare it legal and ignore the laws Congress, in their wisdom, has decreed us to live by? Can the same procedure be used to do the same for other drugs that we want or laws that we may not like? If so, is there any limit to what federal laws the states can declare invalid?

It seems to me that if the people want marijuana to be legal it should be done by changing the law, not ignoring it. Or is it that our people in the Congress don’t want to be held to their voting record?

I firmly believe in the rule of law, and it becomes a slippery slope when we start picking the laws we choose to ignore and only enforce the laws that we agree with.

I am neither for or against the use of marijuana but I believe that ignoring the laws that we disagree with will eventually have a negative outcome for all of us.

Jack Winthers,


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