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The facts surrounding our president's disease bears repeating and further up-to-date consideration. The disease is "narcissism," that mental condition of self-love, self-absorption and self-preservation which can be so personally persistent that all ones thoughts, words and actions are beholden to the disease.

What makes it so dangerous with our president, or anyone in power, is the damage that can be done before corrective action is taken. This, in my view and the view of others much more qualified than I am, is exactly where we are today with our political confusion.

We have daily news programs in which the host and assembled panels talk endlessly, digesting the president's latest tweet, rant or lie. The man is sick! What do they expect? Why regurgitate over and over the comments of a person suffering from narcissism? Why try to put his comments and behavior into the context of a normal-behaving president of the United States? There is no fit.

Why not spend the time outlining Donald Trump's disease and talk about possible help, treatment and cure? If a bunch of media would openly talk about this disease, its genesis and its character, our nation's congressional leadership would get on board and corrective political action would be taken.

Bob McClellan,


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