We live near the Brooks Street Walmart and are concerned about the traffic and excessive speed on the entry road into Walmart off 39th Street (Weeping Willow Drive).

Traffic and speed pose a danger to pedestrians and to those wanting to cross the road. At night the parking lot and road is used as a shortcut between Miller Creek Road and 39th Street to bypass traffic lights. The speeders at night (10 p.m. to 2 a.m.) make a lot of noise, particularly on weekends.

We have complained to Walmart for a long time, and were largely ignored until this fall when they finally agreed to put up a small 10 mph speed limit sign, but this sign is ignored. After continuing complaints, Walmart finally placed a speed bump on the road as it enters the parking lot. This did cause some drivers to slow down at the parking lot, although it did little to slow down speeders on most of the entryway into Walmart. Now even this speed bump has been removed.

Perhaps it will take someone being hit/killed by the excessive speeders for Walmart and the City of Missoula to take measures to reduce the speed in this area.

Glynis and

Steve Potts,