Missoulian mailbag

I read it. I liked it. It inspired me. See what you think. Here it is:

"Leadership does not come from position but from character."

This statement, in my opinion, identifies "leadership" correctly with an attitude aspect, a balanced belief system, a public service motivation, and an inclusive way of interacting with and toward others. Positions of authority without leadership qualities can be described as dictatorial, self-serving, bullying, demanding, threatening and other such descriptions.

The reason I was struck by this statement is because it so perfectly fits with the present presidential dilemma we face both nationally and internationally. The fact is that we have a man, Donald Trump, in our presidential leadership position who is without these leadership qualities. So, what do we do about this? To me, the answer to this question seems very clear and very necessary as we move along through this year and on into the new decade staring us in the face.

This clear answer is, as I see it, first to recognize the problem. Second is to look at and accept Donald Trump's personality disorder, narcissism. This is not a mean-spirited attack on Donald Trump. Narcissism is a disease, and it calls for recognition and compassionate treatment. It's characteristics include self-love, vanity, self-admiration and self-absorption, which all have a toxic and crushing experience in one's life and work.

Next comes the need to look squarely at the facts surrounding Trump's lack of leadership exemplified in his appointments, his interactions with others, his approach to policies, and his level of interest in helping peacefully move our nation and our world forward.

This year is very important and pivotal in determining the momentum we gain toward healing our divides and changing our present disastrous direction. We, as a nation of people, should be truly concerned about our future.

Choosing leaders is one of the great powers we, the people, possess. Let's get busy. Let's talk this up. Let's vote and elect people, at all levels of service, with leadership qualities.

Bob McClellan,


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