I read a (Dec. 21) letter against George Will’s claim that the Judge Roy Moore endorsement by Donald Trump is more damnation of Trump. The letter seemed to take the tone from religious hypocrisy, that most have stopped “throwing stones at the president” over this, and that Trump believes in separation of church and state.

I also think Trump has debased the presidency, and Moore is a poor example of Christianity in action. Moore had no mercy/love in any of his public professions, been exclusively fire and brimstone, played the suffering victim, condoned slavery, condemned his credible female accusers, is credibly accused of child molestation, and twice violated the law as federal judge.

Trump is also a credibly accused sex offender and possible Russian colluder, loves/advocates autocracy, defends personal aberrant behavior by saying “others also do it,” will not defend our U.S. security forces, demands total and blind loyalty/praise from his staff and world allies, and will not fight Russian hacking of our society. 

Jesus and John the Baptist had compassion in their public ministry. This seems counter to the actions of Moore, Trump and the complicit Republicans who say it is better to have an accused child molester than a Democrat in public office.

Michael O’Lear,