Missoulian mailbag

Erv Lischke (letter, Dec. 1) asks why a vote for Donald Trump dishonors veterans. This veteran, who doesn’t usually side with Sen. John McCain politically, found Trump’s mocking dismissal of McCain’s service incomprehensible and deeply disturbing. Senator McCain could have pulled a Trump and used his family’s influence to get him out of the "Saigon Hilton." Instead he took his beatings — literal beatings — and continued to serve by rallying other American prisoners of war.

Trump, on the other hand, had bone spurs (which don’t keep him from his daily golf, even in his decrepitude).

If you can’t see that Trump's dismissal of McCain's horrific imprisonment and torture dishonor us all — veterans and non-vet Americans — then no one will be able to explain it to you. Maybe it takes an honorable person to comprehend honor.

Suzanne Parson,

St. Ignatius

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