Missoulian mailbag

Leaders of any team, office or business set the tone of behavior and attitude for others in their group. They set the acceptable norm, which others feel comfortable mirroring.

The front-page article in the Dec. 1 Missoulian highlighted the differing opinions of two Griz fans. Lisa Davey does not think the University of Montana’s selection of a new football coach was a good choice and chose to share that opinion in a respectful way, with a petition. Mike Schlosser and others do not share her opinion, so they decided that it was the acceptable norm to insult, disparage, ridicule and belittle Davey — not her opinion, but her very self.

That kind of behavior is unacceptable. What Schlossler and his ilk did was wrong. However, they were merely mirroring the behavior and attitude set by our highest leader, Donald Trump, who has set a tone of acceptability for bullying, attacking, belittling and ridiculing people who have different opinions. However, Trump's childish behavior is no more acceptable than Schlosser's. It is un-American.

In this country the acceptable norm is to treat others with respect, even if we don’t agree with their opinions.

Lorena Hillis,


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