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I understand that the White House is going ahead with their ill-advised military parade, sans 65-ton M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, down Pennsylvania Boulevard on Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11. As a veteran, I’m gratified that they’re holding this event after the Nov. 6 mid-year elections so there is no doubt that the parade is for veterans only and not to enhance political pandering.

To augment the seriousness of the forced march, I think it would help if our commander-in-chief, New York Military Academy graduate Cadet Bone Spurs, served as drum major for the event. He can take the lead carrying and showing off his official monogrammed drum major mace baton, The Big Bertha, or as he likes to call it: The Donald.

Perhaps Purdue’s Golden Girl Drum Majorette could accompany Cadet Spurs on this hike as well. She’s supposed to be adept at twirling and throwing batons while on the move and that might catch the attention of a few folks along the parade route. This will be the greatest parade in the world. Period.

Jim Hamilton,


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