Missoulian mailbag

Another fishing season is coming to an end. The last date for trout on the Clark Fork River will be Nov. 30. For me, it's just been another frustrating season. 

I have caught, all told, a dozen or so trout, and have had to release them all, as they were cutthroat or cutty/rainbow crosses. 

The problem for me is this: At 65, I cannot catch a single trout that I can keep. They are all cutthroat or cutty/rainbrow crosses. 

All I would ever keep, and I wonder if there are other old guys like, is one fish which would be my supper. Catch that one trout and I pack up and go. Understand, I can neither afford to buy a trout at a store nor can I travel hither and yon to catch a fish where different regulations govern. 

I have friends who are skilled fly fishermen who catch 20-30 trout a day, which they release. At least 10 percent of the fish they catch will die as a result of being caught. 

Why are skilled fishermen allowed to kill two or three fish or more, while a poor fella like me is denied a single "keeper"?

Ed Chaberek,


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