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I was visiting your fair, enlightened city on May 10 while volunteering as a driver for the Veterans Administration, which needs more drivers, by the way. I took a walk around the expensive-looking Palmer professional complex, as I usually do, and noticed a big healthy fellow breaking down furniture behind the Y Learning Center so it would better fit into a large roll-off dumpster. I asked why those things weren't being re-purposed and he said he was just doing as he was told (and paid to do).

There were all kinds of wooden shelves, bins, cabinets, upholstered office chairs, etc., which were nicer than the furnishings in our modest household, being just thrown away. What the hey?

In this time of scarce affordable housing and increasing homelessness, how can any reputable agency be filling up landfill space with usable furnishings that could assist people in need to improve their lives? Part of the high cost of housing and living is having affordable furnishings to outfit a residence.

I am appalled that a "progressive" agency in "compassionate and eco-conscious" Missoula would just throw out hundreds or thousands of dollars' worth of very usable items and fill up more landfill space for convenience. What's the cost, sense and where's the conscience in destroying all those usable items?

Glenn Koepke,

St. Regis

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