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As a mother of young children I expect them to respect others and share resources with others in our community. I find it appalling when elected officials cannot abide by the same simple rules.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, a former congressional representative, recently spared Bureau of Land Management land near Livingston from potential oil and gas development. While many Montanans applaud this action, I demand that he do more to protect our public lands.

For instance, his proposed changes to the BLM's methane waste prevention rule would allow the oil and gas industry to waste natural resources and release toxic chemicals into the air, putting everyone's health at risk. My kids are not allowed to leave the lights on or the water running, as it is a wasteful use of natural resources.

I ask the secretary and others who hold decision-making power regarding our natural resources to show the same kind of respect and accountability. As a mother, I demand that our government do more to ensure that our children have clean air to breathe and safe water to drink. The current presidential administration should do more to protect the health and safety of all our communities.

Janel Chin,


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