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Top seniors

Miranda Dupree

Parents: Mitch and Debbie Dupree

GPA: 3.9

Activities: Volleyball and basketball, four years; track, three years; National Honor Society; 4-H.

Scholarship, awards: Basketball letters, four years; volleyball letters, three years; Anonymous Donor Scholarship; Seeley Lake Lions Club Scholarship; Ben Hardin Memorial 4-H Scholarship; Seeley Lake Trailblazers 4-H Scholarship; University of Mary Academic Scholarship.

Future: Attend the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D., to study athletic training and participate in track and field.

Kelsey Linford

Parents: Karen and Ted Linford

GPA: 4.0

Activities: Basketball and track, four years; volleyball; Pep Band; Destinations for Education, two years; student government, three years, student body vice president; Outdoor Club; National Honor Society; yearbook editor, two years.

Scholarships, awards: Missoula Electric Cooperative Scholarship; Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship; Montana State University Premier Scholarship; Youth Serve Montana Scholarship; Governor’s Best and Brightest Merit Scholarship; Missoula Lodge No. 13 Scholarship.

Future: Study pre-graphic design at Montana State University.


Scholarships, awards

Ericka Brechbill: Tom and Debbie Brechbill, parents. Montana University System Honor Scholarship-$40,000; Big Hole River Foundation Award, Best Aquatic Habitat Related Project; Clark Fork Watershed Education Program Award, Best Division I Environmental and/or Clark Fork Related Project.

Shianna Brownfield: Michelle Brumfield, parent. Back on Track Scholarship-$1,000.

Jacob Casebolt: Lawrence and Therese Casebolt, parents. Montana Bright Future Award-$1,000; University of Montana Resident Scholarship-$4,000.

Hope Crowell: June and Richard George, parents. Anonymous Donor Scholarship-$4,000; Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship-$500; University of Montana/Western Athletic Scholarship-$500.

Miranda Dupree: Mitch and Debbie Dupree, parents. Anonymous Donor Scholarship-$4,000; Lions Club Scholarship-$500; U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award; Ben Hardin Memorial 4-H Scholarship-$250; University of Mary Academic Scholarship-$22,000; Seeley Lake Trailblazers 4-H Scholarship-$100.

Chase Hulett: Tony and Wanemah Hulett, parents. Gallagher Scholarship-$2,500; Missoula Education Foundation Scholarship-$1,000.

Ke1sey Linford: Ted and Karen Linford, parents. Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship-$1,000; Missoula Electric Cooperative Scholarship-$1,000; Montana State University Premier Scholarship-$10,000; Governor’s Best and Brightest Merit Scholarship-$8,000; Lions Club Scholarship-$500; Masonic Temple Lodge No. 13 Scholarship-$4,000; Youth Serve Scholarship-$1,000.

Conor Marlatt: Jeffrey and Annie Marlatt, parents. New American University Scholarship-$46,000; U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award.

Jacob Miller: Gary and Nancy Miller, parents. Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship-$1,000.

Briana Novak: Brad and Cathy Novak, parents. Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award-$250; Big Hole River Foundation Award, Best Aquatic Habitat Related Project; Clark Fork Watershed Education Program Award, Best Division I Environmental and/or Clark Fork Related Project; Trustee Student Recognition Award; 4-H Top Overall Senior Club Participation Award.

Luke Townsend: Todd and Charity Townsend, parents. Missoula Community Foundation Scholarship-$1,000.

Information provided by Seeley-Swan High School. Because of early deadlines, scholarship lists are incomplete.



Benjamin Armstrong

Scott Bakker

Zachariah Blackburn

Ryan Braae

Ericka Brechbill

Shiana Brownfield

Jacob Casebolt

Wayne Castillon

Mitchel Contreras

Hope Crowell

Miranda Dupree

Jordan Everson

Benjamin Fredrickson

Chase Hulett

Olivia Kennedy

Skyler Lee

Kelsey Linford

Conor Marlatt

Jessica McKinney

Jacob Miller

Quinn Nicholas

Briana Novak

John Parcell

Wilson Shiner

Brandon Simon

Brian Snobar

Hailey Towe

Lucas Townsend

Avery Troutwine

Sarah Weidler

Tiffany Wendel

Samuel Yates

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