University of Montana quarterback Gerald Kemp was dismissed from the Grizzly football team on Friday, leaving the team short of experienced signal callers as the start of fall drills nears.

Interim athletic director Jean Gee said it was head coach Mick Delaney’s decision to cut ties with Kemp, who also played running back and receiver for the Griz in his career.

“Coach (Delaney) let him go for a violation of team rules,” said Gee, who took over the UM athletic department when former AD Jim O’Day and head coach Robin Pflugrad were fired on March 29. “As far as we know, he’s going to stay in school and finish out his degree.”

Kemp and former Griz cornerback Trumaine Johnson were involved in an altercation with Missoula police last fall, when the two were tased during a post-game house party at their residence.

Kemp and Johnson pleaded no contest in Missoula Municipal Court to charges of disorderly conduct.

However, Gee said Friday’s move was not related to the incident last October.

“No, not at all,” she said. “And just to protect Gerald I don’t want to say what it’s about. Just that it’s team rules.”

“It was not criminal related,” Gee added, “and it was not school related. I had that asked of me, too. It was purely a team violation.”

The university did not formally announce Kemp’s dismissal. Instead, the UM sports information department released an updated team roster on Friday morning and Kemp was not listed.

A San Diego native, Kemp was set to begin his senior season at UM. The 6-foot-2, 215-pounder passed for 218 yards and ran for 223 yards a year ago, while scoring four touchdowns.

Kemp’s dismissal leaves four quarterbacks on the Grizzlies’ roster, including incumbent starter, junior Jordan Johnson.

Johnson’s status with the team also has been questionable in recent months, but his name remains on the Grizzly roster.

A woman accused Johnson in March of sexually assaulting her in February. Missoula police investigated the allegations and forwarded a report to the Missoula County Attorney’s Office. No decision has been made on whether to file charges against Johnson. Johnson and the woman now have a civil no-contact agreement.

The others QBs are sophomore Shay Smithwick-Hann of Kalispell, redshirt freshman Trent McKinney and true freshman Brady Gustafson.

Not long after spring ball, the Grizzly coaching staff announced that backup quarterback Nate Montana was transferring to West Virginia Wesleyan.

“I think they are looking for another quarterback,” Gee said Friday, “perhaps another freshman, but they haven’t brought one in yet.”

Messages left on both Delaney and Kemp’s cell phones were not immediately returned.

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sounds like montanamuralist wants us to pay him to go to the griz games...whining and b__ching...hopefully you take up acoustic guitar lessons on the bridge... We will not waver go griz !!!

Alan Johnson

The AD said the dismissal had nothing to do with any criminal activity or academic problem. It was strictly a violation of team rules. Seeing that dismissal from the program is the maximum penalty a coach can levy, I have no trouble believing that the infraction was serious. All this speculation about flatulence and one-lap penalties, have no basis. I just except that no one is above the rules in the Grizzly program and the act was probably justified. Though it's tempting, I don't see why this must be analysed in the context of the other problems with Grizzly football.


It is possible to have a winning team AND athletes who obey the law and follow the good citizens of our community. It's about time UM wised up to that fact. No one is irreplaceable, especially a college football player. They are a dime a dozen. They have gotten away with way too much in the past. I hope this is an indication that the UM is becoming more strict about things other than just winning games. People here are going to go no matter what. They are addicted. So let's have good young men who are socially responsible along with good athletes. It IS possible!


No he is off the suspension. He is dismissed. Leave and do not come back. I agree with the comment about you can't pass gas as a Griz now...woulld be nice if we could find some middle ground here. serious infractions should be dealt with of course in a serious manner...passing gas should be a 1 lap penalty...

Hal Jordan

apparently he has only been suspended from the team, with possibility of still being on roster in the fall.


Its a new reality for the players. Two years ago they could do no wrong, meaning they could do whatever and have no consequences. This year, I would be afraid to pass gas while being a griz football player.


Do you have examples of players doing something wrong, and not having consequences?


Yes very disturbing. They won't tell us anything except buy tickets and shut up. Wonder how the NCAA investigation is going.....


Probably more to this story than meets the eye. I wonder why this incident was so serious as to warrant Kemp being removed from the team, if that is the case why was he not removed last season after the infraction, along with Johnson??? Might explain the departure of our coach and AD I suppose. Wish Engstrom would depart also!! He is not operating in the real economic world!!


Interesting that the interm AD makes the announcement rather than the head coach. Looks like administrators are running the team instead of the coaches. Should be an interesting season.

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