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District 1B

Choteau Bulldogs

Head coach: Bill Durocher

2016-17 record: 20-5 

Starters returning: Whitney Durocher

Key players: Anna Jamison, Nicole Krone, Jesse Henderson, Christine Funk

Coach says: "We are a young inexperienced team with a lot of athletic ability and good quickness."

Etc: Durocher is in his second stint as coach of the Choteau girls. He's also coached the Choteau boys and has an overall record of 92-84. 

Conrad Cowgirls

Head coach: Callie Utterback

2016-17 record: 0-20

Starters returning: Brooke Mycke, Dalayne VanDyke, Haley Gouchenour, Kate Murack

Key players: Augusta VanDyke (injured last year); Taya Dyer, Fr.; FreshmanAlison Harris, Fr.

Coach says: "I would say our team's strength would be numbers this year. We did not have any last year and so this year the girls have to compete and fight for their spots, which makes them strong. They are working on team chemistry. We have a few girls who can really get to the basket well and convert."

Etc: This is Utterback's first season as head coach at Conrad. 

Cut Bank Wolves

Head coach: Brandon Kavanagh

2016-17 record: 5-15

Starters returning: Madi Seifert, Jr., F; Jaazmine Spotted Bear, Jr., G.

Key players: Brynne Finstad, Jr., G/F; Aryana Black, So., F; London Racemaker, So., G.

Coach says: "We have a lot of versatility in this group. No dominating inside presence, but good overall height and our bigs have guard skills and can shoot. We return six letter winners, but are still young with five juniors and four sophomores."

Etc: Black is a 5-10 transfer from Simms, where she was a two-time all-conference player in the 10-C. Seifert scored a season-high 27 points last year. Kavanagh is in his seventh season as coach of the Wolves.

Rocky Boy Stars

Head coach: Cameron McCormick

2016-17 record: 14-12

Starters returning: Jaylynn Mitchell, All-Conference; Sean Henry, All-Conference; and Adrienne Gopher.

Other key players: Sasha Coffee, Rochelle Pease, Jaynah Gopher, Tessa Big Knife, Kristie Parker.

Coach says: "This team has every position filled from point guard to center and is a strength." 

District 2B

Malta M'ettes

Head coach: Nate Hammond, 5th year at Malta and 12th overall

2016-17 record: 24-2 

Starters returning: None

Other key players: Ella Schye, Sr., center; Kyleigh Schipman, Jr., G; Taylor Gilkerson, Jr., G.

Coach says: "Alleen Russell from Poplar is the only all-state player back. Amani Bighorn from Poplar and three Harlem girls are the all -onference players who return. Wolf Point has quite a few back from last year's state tournament team. Us and Glasgow each lost five starters."

Etc: The M'ettes were Class B runners-up a year ago, losing to Fairfield in the state championship game. ... Hammond is in his fifth season at Malta. ... Malta faces a rebuilding year after losing all five starters from a wildly successful senior class, including current Montana Lady Griz freshman Sophia Stiles. 

Glasgow Scotties

Head coach: Brenner Flaten

2016-17 record: 14-9 

Starters returning: None

Other key players: Keeley Fossum, So., G.

Coach says: "(We're) small, fast. Our guards should be good."

Etc: Flaten begins his second season at Glasgow.

Poplar Indians

Head coach: Les Bighorn

2016-17 record: 16-6

Starters returning: Alleen Russell, Sr., G; Imani Bighorn, Jr., C.

Other key players: Gillian Medicine Cloud, Sr., G; Keally Genia, Sr., C; Hailey Brunelle, Jr., G; Lily Taflan, Jr., F; Chloe Shields, So., F; Sasha Shields, So, F; Sasha Youngman, So., G; Riley MacDonald, So., G; Holly Colgan, So., F.

Etc: Russell was a first-team all-state and all-conference player a year ago. Bighorn was a second-team all-conference pick.


District 3B

Colstrip Fillies

Head coach: Roxie Wilson

2016-17 record: 24-2 

Starters returning: Amaya LaFranier, All State; Shelby Jordan, All State; Trinity Lewandowski

Key players: Sossity SpottedWolf, Kya Johnson, Carlin Gillespie, Jesse Jordan

Coach says: "Our team has the three starters who are returning and they are strong players. We have other members of our team stepping up and doing amazingly well. We have a strong defensive team also."

Etc: Colstrip suffered its two losses at the state tournament. 

Lame Deer Morning Stars

Head coach: August Scalpcane

2016-17 record: 14-12

Key players: Jasmyne Twomoons, Sr. SG; Reyna Littlewolf, Sr., P; MiShayne Bearchum, So., SG; Cheyeanna Onebear, Jr., SF; Kaylee Littlecoyote, Sr., SG; Jada Stangeowl, Sr., C; Aniyah Grant, Jr., C; Jessica Bahr, Jr., C; Alannah Blackwolf, Jr., PF; Mariah Frazier, Jr., SG; Mariah TenDore, Sr., SG.

Coach says: "My team's strengths, I would say, will be our pressure defense and up-tempo offense. "

Etc: Twomoons, a 5-6 senior, has been a first team all-conference selection for the past three years. She is also a 4.0 student. 

St. Labre Braves

Head coach: Andrew Elkshoulder

2016-17 record: 16-8 

Key players: Kaylene Spang, Sr.; Tiarra Walks, Sr.; Brianna Deputee, Sr.; Delaney Costa, Jr.; Amaya Frost, Jr.; Kellie Old Elk, Jr.; Kehan Bearcomesout, Jr.; Rose Redstar, Jr.; Kiah Ontiveros, Jr.

Etc: Elkshoulder begins his third season at St. Labre.

District 4B

Columbus Cougars

Head coach: Jeromey Burke

2016-17 record: 8-10 

Starters returning: Morgan Kirch, Jr. (All-State/All-Conference); Alexa Riveland, Jr. (2nd team All-Conference); Maddi Carman, Sr.; Camryn Ault, Sr.Brenna Rouane, So.

Key players: Ulu Brooks, Sr.; Shelby Wolery, Sr.; Bailey Johannes, Sr.; Kayla Teeters, Jr.; Liz Lorash, So.

Coach says: "A lot of the girls spent a good amount of time in the gym this summer, so I think our individual talent is better off than it was a year ago. What we need to continue to figure out is how to use our individual strengths to make our team better on a consistent basis."

Etc: This is Burke's second season with Columbus. 

Huntley Project Red Devils

Head Coach: Jay Santy

2016-17 record: 8-12

Starters returning: Maddy Rohrer, Heidi Cranford, Loren Murphy

Other key players: Shaena Richard, Amanda Cranford, Emily Poole

Coach says: "We have three talented starters returning with two solid reserve players from last year. We have a good, hard working group with a good core of juniors and sophomores. 

Etc: This begins Coach Santy's first year as head coach of the Red Devils 

Joliet J-Hawks

Head coach: John Nelson

2016-17 record: 9-11

Starters returning: Tayler Wright, Sr., F/P; Shayla Webber, So., G; Vanessa Nowak, Sr., F/P

Coach says: "We return a lot of girls with a lot of experience. It's a young, talented, hard-working group."

Etc: Nelson is in his third year as head coach of the J-Hawks. His record is 32-32.

Red Lodge Rams

Head coach: Jason Reimer

2016-17 record: 20-8 

Starters returning: Zoe Cortner, Portia Cortner, Jillian LaValley, Kylie Kelly Jillian - All Conference, Portia - All Conference

Key players: Taylor Hardiman, McCall Allen

Coach says: "We have a strong, veteran, senior-laden team. With six key players returning off of last year's state qualifying team we have a lot of potential for the upcoming season."

Etc: Jillian and Portia Cortner were all-conference a year ago. ... The Rams finished fourth at state last season, losing to Three Forks in the third-place game. ... Reimer begins his second season at Red Lodge but is 176-149 overall in previous stops with Lustre Christian, Valley Christian and Thompson Falls. 

Roundup Panthers

Head coach: Dan Eiselein

2016-17 record: 10-13

Starters returning: Faith Nichols, Sr.; Selina Angel, Sr.; McKenna Sealey, Sr. (2nd team all-conference)

Other key players: Chloe Cota, So.; Savanna Wolff, Jr.

Coach says: "We return three starters who also happen to be seniors with a lot of experience. These three will be expected to provide the leadership for an otherwise inexperienced team."

Etc: Sealey was second-team all-conference last season. ... Eiselein is in his first season as Roundup's head coach. He's been an assistant at Roundup, Townsend and Chino Valley, Arizona.

Shepherd Fillies

Head coach: Bill Lepley

2016-17 record: 8-15

Key players: Tessa Barney, Sr., F; Aubrie Garza, Sr., G; Kylie Kinsey, Sr., F; Logan Kern, Jr., F; Jaycee Murdock, Jr., P; Brittany Franzel, Jr., P; Kali Shelhamer, Jr., G; Lexy Dietz, So., G.

Coach says: "Tessa Barney tore her ACL last year and we're hoping to get her back soon. We are a pretty green and young team this year that will developand get much better as the season goes. My returning starters are Kylie Kinsey, Jaycee Murdock and Barney."

Etc: This is Lepley's 31st season directing the Fillies. His coaching record is 508-245. The Fillies were District 4B champions last year.

District 5B

Big Timber Herders

Head coach: Kim Finn

2016-17 record: 14-9 

Starters returning: Madilyn Emter

Key players: Sydney Prather, Elle Terland

Coach says: "I am excited to see how much this team learns throughout the season, and where we end up. With our few older girls and our strong younger class, I am expecting a successful season."

Etc: Finn is 26-21 in two seasons at Big Timber. 

Townsend Bulldogs

Head coach: Dan Hatzell

2016-17 record: 17-4

Starters returning: Tavia Rooney, 1st team all-state; Lainee Hill, 2nd Team all-conference; Catie Watson, 1st Team all-conference; Abby Leachman, 2nd Team all-conference; Grace McDonell

Key players: Deni Dolan, Charlotte Watson

Coach says: "I'm starting four seniors and right now those seniors have been a major part of the varsity's success the last three years. We had no seniors last year, and we return all starters and major bench players from last year. We are fast and tall and very athletic in the open floor. Our team definitely has a chip on their shoulder in how we ended last season. We are out to prove that we are better than that."

Etc: Hatzell begins his fourth season with a 42-26 record at Townsend.  

Whitehall Trojans

Head coach: Kelly Nieskens

2016-17 record: NA

Starters returning: Dorothy Mastel

Key players: Asha Noyes

Etc: This is the first season at Whitehall for Nieskens. 


District 6B

Deer Lodge Wardens

Head coach: Kirk Walker

2016-17 record: 15-11 

Key players: Darcy Walker, Sr.; Ariel Clark, Sr.; Kamryn Scully, Jr.; Riley Gray, Jr.; Josee Applegate, Jr.; Alyssa Lamb, Jr.; Rachel Nicholson, So.; Mya Worth, Jr.; Jordan Senecal, Jr.; Jessie Graveley, Jr.

Etc: Walker begins his eighth season at Deer Lodge and has an overall record of 122-58. 

St. Ignatius Bulldogs

Head coach: Jennifer Brander

2016-17 record: 0-18

Starters returning: Leila Marsh, Afton Brander, Karolyna Buck








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