BOZEMAN – The weather at Van Winkle Stadium on Friday had the vaulters and high-jumpers heading inside and Makena Morley running in circles – around her competition.

Morley, Bigfork’s freshman phenom, got off to her usual fast start and cruised to victory in the girls’ 1,600 meters at the State B track and field championships.

While she had run faster than the existing Class B record – 5 minutes, 3.29 seconds by Boulder’s Sabrina Monro in 1998 – this spring Morley couldn’t do it Friday in gusting winds and blowing snow. She won in 5:09.86.

“It was hard,” said the freshman. “That wind – I decided with that tailwind I was just going to stride it out because then I could push myself into the headwind (off the final turn). I could not feel my legs that second lap. I was numb from there.

“Then I almost passed out.”

Plentywood’s girls and Manhattan’s boys weathered Friday’s elements the best. The Tigers rode a surprise win from Quinn McQueary in the long jump to 29 points after five events.

Loyola Sacred Heart and Plentywood were tied for second at 20 points.

Plentywood’s Ashley Olson won the 400 meters and was second – to Loyola Sacred Heart’s Kaile Sauro – in the long jump as the Wildcats scored 20 points through four girls’ events (four girls were still vaulting at Montana State’s Breeden Field House as of 10:30 p.m. Friday).

Big Timber was second at 16 and Colstrip was next at 12, and then came Bigfork and Loyola with 11 each.

Sauro continued her late-season surge, going 15-11.25 on her second-to-last jump to beat Olson by a half-inch. The junior hadn’t long-jumped before this season.

It leaves a long Saturday for Sauro, who has the triple jump, 300 hurdles and a pair of relays in what one hopes will be better conditions.

“The weather was rough,” Sauro said.

Plentywood’s Pres Harris did Olson one place better by winning twice Friday, in the 800 and 400.

Harris’ 800 battle with Manhattan’s Marcus Swan – Harris won by .08 of a second, and his time of 1:55.69 was just .42 off Doug Raymer’s year-old class record – was epic. It also seemed to hurt Swan, who failed to place in the 400 later on. Swan had one of the fastest times in the state coming in.

Another surprise came from Ronan-St. Ignatius’ Paden Alexander, who surged to victory in the 3,200. He had lesser times than Plains’ Carter Montgomery and Poplar’s Kyle Olson, but Montgomery lost his wind and momentum and Olson went out too fast. Alexander won in 10:18.44.

“I was really surprised,” said Alexander, a junior. “That kid that usually beats me (Montgomery) … I don’t know what happened. (Olson) was way out there – he was about 50 yards out. I think I caught him on the fifth or sixth lap. It feels pretty good. I never ran like this before.”

Thompson Falls left the door open for some other teams: The Bluehawks scored five points in the pole vault, but could’ve had more; Coach Randy Symon was hoping for more from the long jump, but no Bluehawk placed behind McQueary.

There are chances for Loyola and Florence to make noise. Kit Mayer was second in the 3,200, and Johnny Medeiros (discus) and Cody Burke (800) added thirds for the Rams.

Florence ended the day with 12 points, which was probably more than expected. Dylan Reynolds was second in the long jump and fourth in the 400.

“We do have a window,” said Reynolds, whose leap of 20 feet, 8.25 inches was a new school record. “I wasn’t even supposed to place in the long jump. We’re at 12 points when we probably should have two. We could do it. We’ll make a run at her.”

Baker’s Kyle Ducharme won the discus, and Red Lodge’s Conner Kelley won the javelin, throwing 190-9.

Cut Bank’s Jordyn Vaile won the girls’ discus; defending champ Carlee Smith of Manhattan was second.

At Van Winkle Stadium, Bozeman


Team scores (through seven events) – Manhattan 29, Loyola Sacred Heart 20, Plentywood 20, Glasgow 18, Red Lodge 18, Choteau 16, Ronan/St. Ignatius 16, Baker 12, Florence 12, Deer Lodge 9, Fairfield 8, Three Forks 8, Joliet 6, Poplar 6, Malta 5, Broadus 4, Big Timber 2, Thompson Falls 2, Plains 1.

400 – Pres Harris, Plentywood, 50.28; Isaac Howard, Choteau, 50.89; Jacob Senecal, Deer Lodge, 51.18; Dylan Reynolds, Florence-Carlton, 52.06; Cale Howells, Manhattan, 52.28; Andy Nordstrom, Red Lodge, 52.38

800 – Pres Harris, Plentywood, 1:55.69; Marcus Swan, Manhattan, 1:55.77; Cody Burke, Loyola Sacred Heart, 1:59.64; Cale Howells, Manhattan, 2:00.71; Beau Milton, Joliet, 2:02.05; JC Engebretson, Red Lodge, 2:03.23

3,200 – Paden Alexander, Ronan, 10:18.44; Kit Mayer, Loyola sacred Heart, 10:33.55; Kyle Olson, Poplar, 10:39.55; Taylor Rumph, Broadus, 10:40.52; Travis Koenig, Baker, 10:42.28; Cody Hart, Manhattan, 10:53.62

Javelin – Conner Kelly, Red Lodge, 190-09; Kori Meiers, Glasgow, 185-11; Trace Brady, Fairfield, 182-06; Ty Bermes, Joliet, 181-07; Cody Phillips, Thompson Falls, 177-02; Kaden Bedwell, Malta, 173-11

Discus – Kyle Ducharme, Baker, 156-08; Cody Hanson, Three Forks, 146-06; Johnny Medeiros, Loyola Sacred Heart, 144-4; Austin Oldenburger, Manhattan, 140-2; Nels Flanagan, Big Timber, 136-08; Ben Gorham, Plains, 128-05

Long jump – Quinn McQueary, Manhattan, 20-09.5; Dylan Reynolds, Florence-Carlton, 20-08.25; Jalen Bell, Ronan, 20-02.5; Sam Peterson, Malta, 20-00.5; Collin Allen, Fairfield, 20-00.5; Brett Wiit, Deer Lodge, 19-10

Pole vault – Luke Zeiger, Glasgow, 13-06; Chance Crabtree, Choteau, 13-06; Quinn Entenmann, Red Lodge, 13-06; Dominique Holt, Thompson Falls, 13-00; Brett Witt, Deer Lodge, 12-06; Cody Phillips, Thompson Falls, 12-06


Team scores (through 4 of 17 events) – Plentywood 20, Big Timber 16, Coltrip 12, Bigfork 11, Loyola Sacred Heart 11, Cut Bank 10, Glasgow 10, Manhattan 9, Red Lodge 6, Plains 5, Townsend 4, Florence 4, Huntley Project 2, Lodge Grass 2, Deer Lodge 2.

400 – 1, Ashley Olson, Ple, 60.63; 2, Carly Rech, BT, 62.08; 3, Allison Hert, Col, 62.35; 4, Rachael Zeiger, Gla, 62.81; 5, Kadeshia Clark, DL, 62.84; 6, Makena Morley, Bfk, 62.98.

1,600 – 1, Makena Morley, Bfk, 5:09.86; 2, Selene Johnson, BT, 5:26.96; 3, Jami Johnson, Gla, 5:27.49; 4, Chiara Warner, Twn, 5:28.70; 5, Autumn Charges Strong, LG, 5:34.44; 6, Maggie Mitzel, LSH, 5:34.81.

Discus – 1, Jordyn Vaile, CB, 122-9; 2, Carlee Smith, Man, 113-4; 3, Blake Bennett, Col, 112-2; 4, Jesica Desjarlais, Flo, 112-0; 5, Cara Stadstad, Ple, 109-3; 6, Mariah Harvey, Man, 108-7.

Long jump – 1, Kaile Sauro, LSH, 15-11 ¼; 2, Ashley Olson, Ple, 15-10 ¾; 3, Tess Hellerud, RL, 15-10; 4, Kelsey Beagley, Pla, 15-8 ½; 5, Kelsey Bohl, HP, 15-6 ¼; 6, Hailey Phillips, Pla, 15-6.

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