Details for Licensing


YOUR TICKET HOME A Missoula County dog license could be a “Ticket Home” for your dog. A tag number can be traced to their owner and this gets them home quickly and safely. If you care about your pet please license them. A MISSOULA COUNTY DOG LICENSE HELPS: • 1500 lost or abused animals are sheltered every year at our Missoula County Shelter • Less than 5% of the animals that come through our shelter are euthanized, usually for medical purposes. • Missoula Animal Control Officers investigate animal abuse and cruelty cases • Animal Control Officers respond to over 3500 calls every year. They investigate nearly 150 animals bites in Missoula County every year. Licensing your dog ensures that your dog is current on its rabies vaccine. • All funding / revenue goes directly to Animal Control for things like: • Low cost rabies vaccination clinics • Low cost Spay & Neuter clinic For more information call Missoula Animal Control at 406-541-7387 or

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