Details for Adopt A Pet August 2019


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Every minute. Every day.

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July Low Cost Vaccine and
Microchip Clinic July 17th, 1-4:30pm.
Reduced cost vaccines and microchips
will be available for dogs and cats.
Missoula County residents only,
all dogs must be licensed at clinic.
Call to schedule and appointment today, 541-7387.
6700 Butler Creek Rd.
Mon.-Fri., 10-5:30 pm
Fri. & Sat., 12-4 pm

$13 Rabies Vaccine
$10 Canine Distemper Vaccine (DA2PPV)
$10 Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel Cough)
$10 Feline Distemper Vaccine (FVRCP)
$15 Home Again Microchip

Frame of Mind
1706 Brooks St
Missoula, MT 59801

Abbott is a 10 month old male Black
Lab mix. He is an energetic ball of fun!
Missoula Abbott is very treat motivated and will
pick up tricks and commands quickly
with food as incentive. He would
do best as the only pet in the home, but with an
excitably happy companion like Abbott, you’ll never
want for more pets. When you first meet this happy
go lucky dog, his hyper puppy love may seem a bit
overwhelming. Once out the door, he knows he has
a mission and walks like a dream. With a little bit of
training, Abbott has an abundance of potential.

125½ West main

406 549-6120

Every minute. Every day.

Shiloh is a 6 year old male gray
and white cat. Shiloh loves
his food and will regularly try
to break into the food bin for
a snack. He also enjoys spending time
out on the catio. Shiloh is a mature boy
who appreciates a mature audience. He
doesn’t much care for sharing his space
with other cats and complains regularly
when they get too close.


Lobo is a sweet young
cat who is ready to find
his furrever home. In his
home he loved laying in
his person’s lap, catching mice, and
playing with visiting dogs! He enjoys
catnip and all kinds of toys! He even
plays fetch. This handsome kitty is
incredibly outgoing once he has the
Your Business Here! chance to settle in.
Call 523-5223

Dylan is a 2 year old male
Terrier mix. He is a delight
Missoula to walk on leash and knows
how to behave on a harness.
He doesn’t seem to know
anything about toys, tennis balls or
squeakers. However, Dylan is very
treat motivated and will easily sit and
wait for a little morsel. This handsome
boy can’t wait to meet you!

a porch swing seeking
shelter from a bitterly cold
January snow storm. She’s
a little cautious but very
curious when it comes to
meeting people, so a slow
approach where she can come to you is best. She likes her
toys on the ground. Things dangled in her face or above her
head scare her. She feels very safe on top of her kitty pole
where she can view her entire kitty condo in one fell swoop.
An adult home with no small children, where she could take
her time to
learn to trust,
would be best
for her.

Rent It And Get It Done!
Aerators & Power Rakes

500 E Spruce • 549-5114
Every minute. Every day.

Every minute. Every day.

Goose is a perfectly-sized and
handsome goofball who would love to
curl up next to you for cheek rubs and
belly scratches. He is very snuggly,
attached to his people, and will quickly steal your heart!
He would love an active, patient household that loves him
for what he is: a big, silly puppy still learning the rules of
the human world. He is also super smart and loves to train
for yummy snacks! Goose recently had surgery to correct
an old elbow injury, so we’re looking for a special adopter
to help Goose while he recovers.


Suzi is a sweet older lady
looking for a nice quiet
retirement home. She is
good with other cats and
has lived with a dog in her previous home.
She enjoys spending most of her time
inside lounging in a nice squishy bed! It
took her a while to warm up here at the
Your Business Here! shelter, but now she spends her days
perched at the front of her cage waiting for
Call 523-5223
love and snacks.

Piper is a 1 ½ year old hound
mix. She loves to go for walks
Missoula and is great on a leash. Her
petite size makes her a great
dog for any sized home. While
walking past an elementary school the
other day, she seemed very interested
in saying hello to the children. Bring
your kiddos out, take her for a walk, and
maybe she will be just the right fit to
complete your family.

Open 7 Days a Week


Kellan is a young adult male
Orange Tabby. He is a timid
Missoula and quiet boy, but will come
out from his hiding places
when it’s quiet in search
of love and affection. Kellan needs
a home that is not as busy as our
shelter. In a quieter home, Kellan will
likely blossom into a confident and
social kitty.

She was found hiding under




Bella is a social, wiggly
dog that loves kids, stuffed
animals, and bones. She is
intelligent, snuggly, and a
couch potato, but still has plenty of energy
for outdoor Montana adventures! Because
she’s a bit more of an introvert with other
dogs and doesn’t enjoy the company of
Your Business Here!
feline friends, she would prefer a home
Call 523-5223
where she is the only pet.

HSWM is proud to partner
with Missoula Fresh Market
for the entire month of August!
Join us at Fresh Market at
800 W. Broadway on Sunday, August 18 at 11 am for
an off-site adoption event. If you can’t make it, don’t
worry! We’ll have a second off-site adoption event at the
Fresh Market at 3801 S. Reserve on Sunday, August 25,
starting at 11 am. Come to either and meet your new
best friend!
5930 Hwy 93 South
Wed. - Fri., 1-6 pm
Sat. & Sun., 12-5 pm



Every minute. Every day.

Wishbone is a 6-9 year old female
short-haired, white cat. She is the
Missoula Queen of the Cat Room, and prefers
to spend her time lounging in the cat
tree and gazing at the happenings from her comfy
perch. This large lady loves her treats and thinks
she should never be able to see the bottom of her
food dish. Wishbone is no party animal, preferring
to mingle with mature audiences. Come meet this
quiet, yet stunning creature today!


Shannon is an intelligent spitfire that would love to
go on adventures or snuggle up with you to watch
some television. She whelped an adorable litter of
puppies here at the shelter, and now she’s ready to
be the center of attention in a new home. Because she can sometimes be a bit
on the sassy side, she would prefer to live in an adult-only home as the only pet.
(After all, she’s had enough kids in her life the past eight weeks!) This smarty
pants already knows “sit,” “touch,” and is working on loose-leash walking with
our behavior team. We’re not sure what breeds Shannon might be, but she
sure acts like a clever herding breed mix. She can be a bit pushy in order to get
Your Business Here! what she wants, but people experienced with herding breeds will appreciate her
intelligence and personality! Her adoption comes with a complimentary package
Call 523-5223
of private lessons with one of our trainers.


This sweet and spicy lady
would love to head to a home
where she can spend time
indoors snuggled up with her
people, and then head outside for hunting
and adventures. This senior girl can be a little
shy when meeting new people, but once she
warms up she never wants to leave your side!
Molly has previously lived with other cats and
Your Business Here! dogs but is pretty independent. We think this
adventurous kitty may love to be a barn cat!
Call 523-5223
We are told she is a great hunter!

1700 Rankin StReet
Molly was surrendered

by her previous owners.
She has sensitive back
end and will let you know
it’s uncomfortable when
touched. She is reserved,
but not shy, and has a
come a long way branching out from when she was
first taken in. She likes her space, but will come to
you with excitement to be loved. Molly is a very vocal
talker and loves to have her ears scratched, and any
sort of pets and loves in general! She is very sweet
and greatly
any attention
she can get!


This little 11 year old
sweetie came to us
when her owner was
unable to care for
her anymore. She
has the softest fur
ever which she keeps very well groomed, loves
people and will crawl up on your lap for lovin’.
Though she’s not a big fan of other cats or
small children,
she does
get along
with dogs!

She was found as a stray

and brought to AniMeals in
the winter of 2011. She was
adopted shortly thereafter
and spent many happy
years with her loving papa
until he passed. She’s
back with us again and looking for her new home where
hopefully she can spend the rest of her life. She has the
most adorable little habit of dipping her paws into her water
dish to drink which makes her look
ever so dainty. She is a quiet lap kitty
that loves attention, will carry on little
conversations and watch your favorite
shows with you until the wee hours of
the morning.


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