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My Greatest Car Trip Ever

In 1960, as a 16 year old boy, my dad and I were driving a 1917 Mondel T Ford
touring car. The trip was a
summer tour with The Rocky Mountain Model T Club of Missoula.
We had partially restored the car the year before, minor work on the engine, a
cushions covered with a blanket for upholstery. The backseat area was filled new paint job and lawn chair
and some food. We also had three small cans of roofing tar to use with the motwith a camp stove, tent, sleeping bags
or oil to quiet the motor knocks. The
trip would be a 750 mile, four-day drive!
In the early morning of July 1st, 16 model T’s departed Missoula, averaging abou
t 25 miles per hour. We drove to
Butte over Pipestone Pass and on to Virginia City, where we spend a frosty nigh
From Virginia City we went over the hill to Ennis, then South to the earthqut. ake
slide area, and up a very rocky
road to the top of the slides on the Nor th side.
We then traveled back down, detoured into Idaho, and over to West Yellowstone
night. We camped in tents and with the bears! We got up early and fixed brea and Old Faithful for the next
1960 people were still stopping and feeding the bears through their car windowkfast, packed up and hit the road. In
s … not good for most of us in open
As we approached the bears and the front of the line of cars we gave a couple of
We finished the loop and went back to West Yellowstone. Then we traveled Nor“oogha” horn blasts and hit the gas!
the river to Bozeman. On the four th day we drove through Townsend into Hele th down the Gallatin Canyon along
na over McDonald Pass and back to
With many stops in the park and all along the entire trip, I have
never seen so much of Yellowstone or the Montana countryside as
back then at 25 miles per hour in an open car.
This photo shows the 13 Model T Ford’s in front of the Virginia
City Saloon and Opera House. My Dad, our Model T and I are in this
photo on my greatest car trip ever!

~ Robert Starr
Milltown, MT

Rober t Starr




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