Details for Graduation

TOP COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES: Over 85% Of the class was Offered a cOllege schOlarship. the class Of 2019 perfOrmed Over 1700 hOurs Of cOmmunity service in the past year. the class Of 2019 was Offered Over $5.6 milliOn in schOlarships and gift aid. the class Of 2019 was accepted tO Over 55 different cOlleges and universities. fOur members Of the class Of 2019 earned mOntana university hOnOr schOlarships. MissOula hOnOrs cOurt MalE studEnt athlEtE Of thE yEar cOOper waters PEO star schOlarshiPs: hellie badaruddin, ella mcmilliOn & stephanie radcliff AmericAn musicAl & drAmAtic AcAdemy Boston college cAl Poly columBiA university creighton university georgetown university gonzAgA university lewis And clArk college loyolA mArymount university northeAstern university PePPerdine university sAntA clArA university uc - sAntA BArBArA uclA university of PortlAnd university of sAn diego villAnovA university natiOnal MErit schOlar: Kaden lincOln

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