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How to make weeding less of a chorew

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I t’s hot and muggy
and bugs surround you.
The last thing you may
want to do today is weed
the garden. But what
about all of the hard
work you did to get your
plants in the ground?
Are you willing to let
invasive weeds take over
the space and stunt your
plants’ growth? Weeding
may not be your favorite
activity, but there are

steps you can take to
make the process more
enjoyable, if not a little
more friendly on your

Weeds will still win
some of their battles
against you. The sooner
you realize and accept
this, the less stressed
you will be when it
comes to working to
eradicate them. One
single weed plant can

produce thousands of
seeds, many of which
can survive for multiple
That’s why it is so
important to understand
that you can’t completely stop weeds; you
can only hope to contain
their impact on your
lawn and garden.

The easy way to kill
weeds is by applying
synthetic herbicides. But

you should think twice
before going this route.
These chemical weed
killers can be dangerous
to people, pets and your
According to the
National Gardening
Association, the best
way to control weeds
in your yard is to grow
a thick, vigorous lawn.
This dense grass takes
away resources such as
sunlight and water that
weeds depend on to ger-


Spending a Saturday
on all fours with the
afternoon sun beating
down on your back may
not be the ideal start to
your weekend.
Space out your weeding efforts. Don’t pull
weeds every Saturday.
Start with every other.
Work a little here and
there during the week
to minimize the amount

of time you’ll need to
devote when Saturday
comes around.
This lighter workload will help keep you
motivated when the
time comes to tackle
the weeds. Other ways
to stay invested include
inviting friends over
or enlisting the help of
older children in your
household. The more
hands and laughter the
better for monotonous
projects such as weeding

Flowers in Bloom
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Attractive landscaping makes for a beautiful
backdrop for relaxing
and hosting outdoor
events. Create a great
backyard atmosphere
with full-sun blooms.
The United States
Department of
Agriculture has created
a beneficial hardiness
zone map. You can reference the map before
deciding on flowers.
Depending on where
you live, you might have
more specific options
you can take advantage
The flowers featured
here will thrive in full
sunlight anywhere in the
United States.
These annual blooms
create an attractive border for paths or landscaping stones and look
beautiful in a vase. If you
are looking for an attractive flower that will

last into fall, Profusion
Zinnias are the solution.
You can find these in a
variety of colors including cherry, gold, white
and orange-red.
Your backyard will
pop when you showcase
these amazing yellow
or orange flowers that
attract both butterflies
and birds. Their drooping leaves are highlighted with a polka-dot
center. Warm-weather
climates can enjoy these
annuals well into winter
months. You can also
find these flowers in a
perennial breed.
A staple in backyards
across America, sunflowers provide amazing
views and tasty snacks.
There are many different
variations of these flowers, so be sure to read
the growth chart before
planting. Sunflower
heights can range from

2 to 15 feet tall. Near the
end of the season, don’t
forget to harvest the
delicious seeds produced
by these large flowers.
These cheerful yellow or orange flowers

will add highlights to
your backyard. They are
known for their powerful fragrance, which
is effective in keeping
pests out of gardens.
Marigolds are incredibly
easy to grow and require
little maintenance. Some

Consider a Swimming Pool
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Backyard swimming pools are a great
source of relaxation and
exercise. They are sometimes expensive but
can greatly boost your
home’s value while creating entertainment for
your family and friends.
There are several factors
to consider before making this wet investment.

Swimming pools and
their surround accessories, such as attractive landscaping, decks
and pumps, can take
up a lot of room in your
yard. Make sure you are
installing your new pool
in an area that leaves you
with enough space to do
the things you love outdoors.
Before installing
a pool, your professional installers will
need to completely level
the ground. Choosing

is already considerably level may save you
money in labor costs.
Try to plan for an
open area away from
trees when choosing a
plot for your pool. While
a tree can provide shade,
it also will necessitate
extra maintenance. You
likely will be scooping
leaves and droppings
from the birds above
each time you want to
take a swim.
When deciding to
install a swimming
pool in your backyard,
consider more than the
initial installation cost.
Pools require extensive
upkeep, including a variety of chemicals to keep
the water clean and suitable for swimming.
Prices also will vary
depending on depth and
diameter. Ask yourself
how many people will
typically be swimming
at once before deciding
on a size. You can save

money by choosing a
pool that isn’t too large
for your needs.
Check with local
officials to determine
any requirements before
installing a pool. Some
cities may require the
pool to be enclosed
within a fence, which
can be another expensive
The American Red
Cross reports that more
than 200 young children drown in backyard
swimming pools each
year. If you plan to allow

small children in your
pool, safety is extremely
important. Follow these
Red Cross safety tips to
boost safety in the pool:
• Never leave children
unattended when they
are in or around the pool.
Younger children should
never be out of arm’s
• Young or inexperienced swimmers should
always wear a life jacket.
• Consider a pool
alarm to alert you when
someone enters the pool.
• Make sure the entire
household is educated
through water safety and
CPR courses.

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