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Engel & Völkers Western Frontier Portfolio of Fine Properties w t Ne arke M to w t Ne arke M to NHN Barons Court Parcels, Missoula Up to 21 Acres for Your Dream Home! 10 Minutes 1*A? F( #KCH!G% ' @*,O ) @K?# 3G!;*CA!?\ BC*K /eJJ7A 2!.?FC!KG [FH*M 4!H*c*AAO [!A?FC!. _*K?=C*A 4#CF=%#F=?O 3E,K?*, `!?# TF,*CG >FG;*G!*G.*A b BH*G!?!*AM 9C!A?!G*O KG\FG 6!;*C ]Fc( >F=CA* [FH*O $ @*,AO 'M' @K?#AO $O$ee PLN 5_M 4FE F( ?#* U!G* _!G!A#*A TF?#*C XG UK` 5=!?*O UKC%* _KH!c\L6*. Room, Spacious Covered Deck. Mountain/Golf Course Views. Easy Access to Downtown Msla. CK(?AHKG 5?\c* [FH* FG M' B.C*A with Creek Frontage in the Desirable Rattlesnake S*!%#IFC#FF,M @*K=?!(=cc\ 6*HF,*c*,M 4C**,O 9C!;K?* 9KC.*cM B.C*K%* :E?!FGA B;K!cKIc*M cFA* ?F Bcc 9FcAFG Amenities, Views of the Mission Mountains & _cK?#*K, UKd*& Jani Summers >!G,\ WF#GAFG $255,000 ce Pri duced Re ce Pri duced Re 11754 Cattail Way, Missoula Modern 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath New Construction !G 4=CK# T*K,F`AM /Og"e 5DM _?MO U=^=C!F=A _cFFC!G%O 8=KC?Z >F=G?*C?FEAO @=!c? XG >KI!G*?A b S*A? [FH* 4*.#GFcF%\M M-+ B.C* 9KC.*cO Minutes to Downtown. BG,C*` 5D=!C*A f+eeOeee 20880 Whitetail Ridge Road, Huson TFG?KGK KC* F( _*K?=C*A -P @*,O + @K?# [FH* !G ?#* <*A!CKIc* [!cc;!*` [*!%#?A FG K 8=!*? >=cN<*N5K. `!?# Amazing Views of Moose Can Gully. 6Kc*!%# 1KC, f+$eO'JJ 721 Spanish Peaks Drive, Missoula TF?!;K?*, 5*cc*CM >FG;*G!*G?c\ UF.K?*, BEECF^ 1 Block from School Bus Stop. Incredible 9KGFCKH!. 2!*`A (CFH 4#!A >=A?FH @=!c? ) @*,O ' @K?# [FH* FG K FHEc*?*c\ 6*;KHE*, + @*,O + @K?# FG )P 1FF,*, B.C*AM 6*I=!c? _CFH 5?=,A :=? `!?# S*` U9 5!,!G%O 5?**c 6FF(O XGA=cK?!FGO 1!G,F`AO Doors & More! Beautifully Finished! ti Ac f)/JOJJJ 7-Mile Ranch, St. Regis +/-P B.C*A F( TFG?KGK K? !?7A @*A?& FHEF=G,O ]=*A? 6KG.#O >FCEFCK?* 6*?C*K? FC :C%KG!. _KCHM T=c?!Ec* @=!c,!G% 5!?*AO @FC,*CA 5?K?* UKG,M Gary Clark $2,950,000 1 Eisenhower Street, Ronan 6*, 9FEE\ @=!c,!G% !A K ]C*K? T=c?!N9=CEFA* 9CFE*C?\O $OJJJ 5_ FG ?#* TK!G 6F=?* 4#CF=%# 6FGKG FG [`\ e+ ?F 9FcAFGO _cK?#*K, UKd* b ]S9M 9C!H* 6*?K!c FC 9CF(*AA!FGKc UF.K?!FGM >KG @* C**d 6=GG!G% 4#CF=%#M XG.C*,!Ic* UF.K?!FGO >*G?CKcc\ UF.K?*,O 1Kcd!G% C**dM TKG\ 3E,K?*A XG.c=,!G% S*` 9K!G?O :GN<*HKG, 4KGdc*AA 1K?*C [*K?*CO 3] 5EC!Gdc*CA b TFC*& U!AK 5E*G.*C f+/'O''J NHN Rambling Rose Lane, Florence Build Your Dream Home on this 3.98 Acre 4CK.? !G 5=G TF=G?K!G aA?K?*M 9K;*, 6FK,O 3G,*C%CF=G, 3?!c!?!*A b SK?=CKc ]KA !G 9cK.*M T!^ F( :E*G ]CF=G, b 9FG,*CFAK 9!G*A `!?# Mountain Views. Kim Kaufman $150,000 N Kootenai Creek Road, Stevensville SF` B;K!cKIc*O ?#* UKA? "+PLN 9KA?FCKc B.C*A of the Kootenai Canyon Ranch! End of Road UF.K?!FGO aKA\ B..*AA ?F ?#* ]C*K? :=?,FFCAM ]CK;!?\ _cF` XCC!%K?!FGO 9CF,=.?!;* [K\ ]CF=G,O ]K?*,O - @KCGA )J^$J b )J^/-JM W=,\ 9FC?*C fe/'OJJJ 39410 Little Bear Lane, Polson 5=E*C >=?* + @*,O - @K?#CFFH 9CFE*C?\M a^?CK UKC%* ]KCK%* `!?# / @*, BEKC?H*G?M UKC%* :E*G V!?.#*GO 3GQG!A#*, B??!.O 5=GG\ :(Q.*M 9KGFCKH!. 2!*`A F( _cK?#*K, UKd*O 9FcAFG b Mission Mountains! 9K??! 5.#=c?* f+")OeJJ Gary Clark Jani Summers Raleigh Ward Supervising Broker Supervising Broker Real Estate Advisor 406-240-0818 406-369-1126 406-274-6276 Kim Kaufman Jennifer Stewart Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor 406-531-0958 406-396-5614 Andrew Squires Real Estate Advisor 406-531-9682 Kristi Bruyer Terri Derry Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor 406-250-7288 406-239-9325 Susan Williams Duskie Gramm Katie Moriarty Real Estate Advisor Operations Manager Marketing Director 406-529-2754 406-370-6943 406-951-4334 Andie Moore Danni Moore Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor 406-240-6717 406-396-2442 Colton Martini Tammy Purdy Alyssa Nolan Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor 406-480-2375 406-212-0081 406-396-1397 Sabrina Murphy Patti Schulte Real Estate Broker Real Estate Broker 406-531-1717 406-240-3545 Lindsay Smith Crystal Lawrence Wynne Winter Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor 406-218-8900 913-488-1533 406-207-2013 Michaela Erickson Samantha Horenberger Executive Assistant Assistant 406-926-3322 541-408-4355 Colton Martini Susan Fortner Real Estate Broker 406-370-2076 Cindy Johnson Real Estate Broker 406-253-7251 $919,900 Judy Porter Real Estate Broker 406-214-5718 Glenda Buckwalter Real Estate Advisor 406-260-5123 Lisa Spencer Leland Reed Jake Berry Shayna Rupp Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Broker Real Estate Advisor 406-396-0312 406-207-2727 406-261-5095 406-309-4187 A Real Estate Brokerage 0-J/e aG%*c b 2Ycd*CAM Bcc C!%#?A C*A*C;*,M aK.# ICFd*CK%* !G,*E*G,*G?c\ F`G*, KG, FE*CK?*,M Bcc !G(FCHK?!FG ECF;!,*, !A ,**H*, C*c!KIc* I=? !A GF? %=KCKG?**, KG, A#F=c, I* !G,*E*G,*G?c\ ;*C!Q*,M aG%*c b 2Ycd*CA KG, !?A !G,*E*G,*G? U!.*GA* 9KC?G*CA KC* aD=Kc :EEFC?=G!?\ aHEcF\*CA KG, (=cc\ A=EEFC? the principles of the Fair Housing Act.

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