Details for 50-mile Garage Sale advertorial

This is a Paid Advertisement 50 Mile GaraGe Sale iS For VeteranS and newcoMerS alike By Gary Garthwait Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage Sale Planning Committee Chair A short drive south of Missoula on the last weekend in June will take adventurers to Lolo, the northern end of the Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage Sale. This event, in its fifth year, offers the opportunity for western Montana residents to explore the lovely valley through the lens of an antique seeker or a garage sale lover. For those who have participated in the Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage Sale since its inception four years ago and for those who are hearing about it for the first time, much fun lies ahead on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29 from 8am-4pm at multiple locations in the 50 miles between Lolo and Darby. The event has the potential to make those selling antiques, vintage and traditional garage sale goods happy because their sought-after items will hopefully be just right for shoppers looking for unique items and for garage sale bargains. Positive comments from buyers and sellers in previous years should encourage both to participate again this year. Buyers have reported great success in finding desired items and surprise purchases, and Buyers can also learn all they need to know about the sellers have appreciated the opportunity to sell personal sale on the website, including the map of Hot Spots at local and business items as part of this valley-wide event. businesses and all the individual garage sales associated In its fifth year, the sale is organized by an all-volunteer with the event. Hot Spots feature the host’s inventory of committee of Bitterroot Valley business leaders. It is building vintage and antique items, and they also include individual on the successes of previous years and promises to offer sellers of crafts and garage sale items. Individual garage something of interest for both seasoned veterans of the sales throughout the valley will describe what they have for event and for those who will be participating for the first sale and provide an address to buyers. Buyers not familiar time. Veteran sellers know that they can either join a Hot with the area can print the map or obtain it at participating Spot at one of the designated Bitterroot Valley participating Hot Spots so they can plan their itinerary and make a businesses or set up their own individual sales at their home plan to search for desired items. Both Hot Spots and local or business. The expected 300 sellers have been accumulating restaurants, hotels, and other businesses will appreciate desirable and interesting items all year, knowing that the your business during the two days of the sale, and those sale draws many people from the Bitterroot Valley, all from outside the area can feel good about supporting the parts of Montana, and from approximately 10 other states positive economic impact of this event on the valley. and Canada. Buyers come to supplement their vintage For those wanting additional information about the collections, find bargains on household goods, and to stock Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage Sale, there are various ways to their antique shops in other areas of the state or beyond. Sellers can find all the information they need at the sale’s learn more. The website offers all the information most website, The website participants will need, but people are also encouraged to details the procedures and costs for signing up as a seller. call the Community Coordinators associated with Bitterroot It will show what is for sale at each location, and it will Valley businesses along the 50 mile route. They include Gary provide sale addresses and a map of all sites making it at the Creamery Antique Mall (Stevensville, 406-207-6054), easy for customers to find the sites they want. Sellers are Bonnie at the Sweets Barn (Lolo and Florence, 406-926-1269), provided with one bright orange Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage Rebecca at the Bitterroot Antique Mall (Hamilton sale sign and are encouraged to provide additional signs and Victor, 253-548-6460), Tammy at Cowgirl Corner showing the way to their sales that make it easy for buyers (Corvallis, 406-207-0972) and Juli at Hidden Treasures to find their sales. (Darby, 406-360-9086).

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