Details for Mill Levy

Vote yes on
Missoula Rural Fire Resolution 2019-1
• Funds from this levy will be used to hire, train, and equip 10 additional Firefighter/ EMTs, allowing the
District to staff its five fire stations with at least two career Firefighter/EMTs, with Advanced Life Support
medical capabilities.
• Funds would also ensure the District can maintain more modern equipment including fire engines, medical
units, cardiac monitors, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus to ensure availability of up-to-date
equipment on every call.
• Guarantee Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Response and Better Fire Protection,

FOR A SAFER COMMUNITY, YES on Resolution 2019-1

For a complete list of supporters and endorsements please visit
or find us on facebook @
Paid for by: Citizens for public safety PO Box 1784 1100 W Kent Ave Missoula, MT 59801 Treasurer: Libby Hooper.


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