Details for Mill Levy

Vote yes on Missoula Rural Fire Resolution 2019-1 • Funds from this levy will be used to hire, train, and equip 10 additional Firefighter/ EMTs, allowing the District to staff its five fire stations with at least two career Firefighter/EMTs, with Advanced Life Support medical capabilities. • Funds would also ensure the District can maintain more modern equipment including fire engines, medical units, cardiac monitors, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus to ensure availability of up-to-date equipment on every call. • Guarantee Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Response and Better Fire Protection, PeoPle and organizations suPPorting MrFd resolution 2019-1 Western Montana Emergency Physicians (Saint Patrick Hospital) Gary J. Muskett, MD Clark Fork Emergency Physicians Group (Community Medical Center) Aaron A. Feist, MD Timothy P. Donovan, MD Kevin G. Eichhorn, MD James P. Gardner, MD Daniel M. Gee, MD Jordan Guffin, MD Gregory H. Kazemi, MD Michael A. Kremkau, MD Amanda A. Morey, MD Daniel L. Pierce, MD John R. Gildea, DO FACEP, FACOEP Alex Jehel MD (International Heart Institute of Montana) The Missoula Rural Volunteer Fire Fighters Association The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Missoula Emergency Services Inc. Ricky Walsh Vice-President International Association of Fire Fighters 7TH District Scott Q. Greer, MD Diana Griffith, MD The Montana State Council of Professional Fire Fighters Robert R. Roeper, DO Jessica Suess, MD Nancy A. Trangmoe, MD Brent Roster MD (Missoula Bone and Joint) The Montana State Fireman’s Association Joel Fassbinder President Montana State Council of Professional Fire Fighters and the Montana State Fireman’s Association Numerous IAFF Locals Don Whalen, General Manager Missoula Emergency Services Inc. The Missoula Area Central Labor Council The Montana AFL-CIO AL Ekblad Executive Secretary Montana AFL-CIO Kathy Ogren Gary and Judy Matson Mike Langston Ryan Marceau FOR A SAFER COMMUNITY, YES on Resolution 2019-1 For a complete list of supporters and endorsements please visit or find us on facebook @ Paid for by: Citizens for public safety PO Box 1784 1100 W Kent Ave Missoula, MT 59801 Treasurer: Libby Hooper.

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