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Bring home a new friend today! These animals can be adopted at the Bitter Root Humane Association 363-5311 • 262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri - 1 - 6pm • Sat - 12 - 5pm Sun - 2 - 5pm Closed Wednesdays We are looking for a new sponsor! If interested, please contact Lauren at 363-3300. Rates are very affordable! This is Shenzi and what a special dog she would be for someone with patience and a home without other pets. She will need consistency on her potty manners. She sure loves to be outside running the yard, digging, jumping and playing! Once you get her attention, Shenzi is very eager to please and does really well with positive feedback. Hiking, playing and biking… energy driven typical hound. History of playing nicely with other dogs and children but not with cats or rabbits. Odin is a full-sized hound looking for a happygo-lucky family! Morgen presents herself one way and yet in a home displays herself in another way… This girl likes attention and enjoys being petted, but also likes her quiet time. In the home she liked to play rough, and had assertive behavior towards cats and other dogs. Did ignore and avoid the kids. She was an indoor only cat, prefers sleeping and bird watching. An adoptable guy looking for an interactive home! Bailey finds joy playing ball, rope and tugging on stuffed animals! He would love it if you went outside and played football and soccer with him. Indoors he loves to be a lapdog and may steal the covers. Bailey is dog selective, but would be a great with a family. At first thinking this sweet girl could not be a stray and the owner must be looking for her! Finding out she has been a breeder and no longer was needed… Mune is a snuggler, loves the car rides and has so much love in her. From what we had heard, she has been around cats, other dogs and kids. Of course we want the whole family to meet her to be sure everyone feels it is a good match! Mune has a beautiful soul. Sleep, eat, play…. Honey does just that. She won the heart of a little volunteer girl. Did not display her typical shyness, came off her shelf and instantly wanted to be petted all over. Towards adults, Honey takes a minute to adjust but has shown lots of affection in the home. This mature and gorgeous sweet boy is in a Foster home. Cappy loves car rides, hikes, playing in water/snow and sleeping next to you while watching TV. On adventures you’ll see his calm, loyal and playful side. He can be protective with new people, a walk or any quality time spent outside will help him adjust. Looks like a lion with a temperament of a little lamb. Dempsy showed up at the finders house in August, and later finding out the owner had passed away. Now she hangs out on the shelves and waits for her pets. We do not have much information on Dempsy but I bet she would be real gem in a home. Decker is a All though Bella seems to have a history of living with cats and other dogs – she did not take kindly to the dog in her last slumber party. Mostly the two argued over food. Bella will live best without cats in the home as well. She is young and active, loves the snow and will require someone with a tall fence and strong leash hold. Asali markings are as striking as her beautiful personality. She may be a little shy at first meeting, but she quickly warms up to pets and rewards you with rubs and purrs. handsome gray cat who is very frightened in his new surroundings. Hopefully when he becomes more comfortable, a charming personality will emerge. Tali has an adorable face and loves chin rubs. She does not like dogs, or many other animals. She does find a liking in teens and adults; uses a scratch post and will play fetch with balls of paper! Tali is a happy indoor cat.

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