Details for Pet Directory JUNE

Bring home a new friend today! These animals can be adopted at the Bitter Root Humane Association 363-5311 • 262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri - 1 - 6pm • Sat - 12 - 5pm Sun - 2 - 5pm Closed Wednesdays Lobo is a strong boy with separation anxiety and has mastered escaping from crates and fences; but absolutely adores people, Lobo has lived with babies and children. He is good with commands and knows how to walk on a leash, and loves to “talk”! He would make a wonderful addition to your home. Kona likes to run like the wind and would do well with agility. She shows more interest being outside playing and/ or working than just being taken for walks. Pleasant dog. Good in car, good around older kids, but best to leave in a crate when left alone. All though Bella seems to have a history of living with cats and other dogs – she did not take kindly to the dog in her last slumber party. Mostly the two argued over food. Bella will live best without cats in the home as well. She is young and active, loves the snow and will require someone with a tall fence and strong leash hold. We are looking for a new sponsor! If interested, please contact Lauren at 363-3300. Rates are very affordable! Meet Yondu! What a stunning boy... big, fluffy boy that you just want to hug all day. Friendly and sweet! Call the shelter today for additional information. Has a ton of energy! 1 year old and will keep you active. Not good with cats and is dog selective. Loves attention and playing. Dixie is a pretty girl, Allie is a sweet beautiful girl. She is a bit insecure in her a little fearful and new surroundings. will love some extra She will do very attention. She is good in the right affectionate when environment. she warms up. Azuki is our front Bonnie loves to use office kitty at this well playing with most other dogs. Grumpy Face is a stunning boy. He is very shy and will be best in a quiet home with lots of love. He seems to get along with other cats. Grumpy Face will make a wonderful companion. but she’s very shy and So far we know her nose and does Brownie is a handsome, affectionate cat who likes pets and attention, although he’s not too demanding. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the other cats, but by the looks of his ears, it appears he’s met some before coming to the shelter that he’s tussled with. time and extremely friendly! She will make a fantastic fur baby for someone! If Thor was human, he’d be considered a “tall, cool, drink of water.” He’s a big guy with long legs and a confident personality. He likes attention and isn’t afraid to ask for it, although, he can over stimulated with too much petting. What a great cuddle-bug he’d be for some lucky person.

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