Details for Tuesday Community Bulletin 7/9

The River Needs YOU! Volunteer to Clean the Blackfoot River BLACKFOOT RIVER CLEAN UP 18 Years Saturday, July 27th Johnsrud Park in Potomac (Turn north from Highway 200, between mile marker 11 and 12) 8am Divers, Snorkelers & Rafts 9am Walkers, Waders, Floaters Join the Team Challenge: Put together a team and have FUN! Which team gathers the largest item? Gathers most debris in weight? Has the largest number of volunteers? FREE BBQ FOR VOLUNTEERS NOON TO 4PM To learn more and register your team: Call Janelle Schiller 406-244-6156 or email Featuring..... A Thursday Evening Social Event At Hilton Garden Inn July 18, 2019 Golf Tournament Friday, July 19, 2019 - FILLED at Larchmont Golf Course For more information call 406-370-2159 Go to Coming soon - Auction Items online

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