Details for UNITED WAY - Ad from 2019-11-20

Together, there’s a way. Change doesn’t happen alone. A brighter future for all of Missoula is a collaborative effort. When we give united we LIVE UNITED—that’s how we confront homelessness in Missoula, provide hope to those at risk of suicide, and stand up for children and families who need us. If we tend to our community at its roots, Montana’s Garden City can flourish. Learn how you can help Missoula at United Way of Missoula County WHEN YOU SUPPORT UNITED WAY OF MISSOULA COUNTY, YOU HELP FUND PROGRAMS SUCH AS: IMAGINATION LIBRARY ZERO TO FIVE MISSOULA • 5-2-1-0 LET’S MOVE! MISSOULA • REACHING HOME: MISSOULA’S 10-YEAR PLAN TO END HOMELESSNESS MISSOULA NONPROFIT CENTER • PROJECT TOMORROW MONTANA • MISSOULA DISASTER ASSISTANCE FUND

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