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1873-2023 Thank you Western Montana communities for your continued support. Sr. Mary Victor 2023 is Providence St. Patrick Hospital’s 150th year of serving Montanans. This anniversary marks a celebration of our heritage and a chance to share our story, as the oldest operating facility in Providence. 1 2 3 4 5 1. April 19, 1873: Mother Caron, Superior General of the Sisters of Providence, along with Sister Mary Edward and Sister Mary Victor came to Missoula to start both a hospital and a school with $500 saved from the begging tours. The Irish residents of Missoula insisted on St. Patrick as the name of the new hospital. 2. 1873: The sick of the area preferred staying at home, so the sisters made a practice of calling upon them. They made 125 visits to homes of the sick during the first year of operation. They received their first patient, Mrs. Reeves from Frenchtown, on August 30. 3. 1881-1884: Because of the growing number of patients every day, it became necessary to enlarge the hospital. A wing of 32 square feet was built in haste. 4. Jan. 9, 1889: The Sisters took possession of a new hospital, a building of 100 x 85 feet with three floors and a basement. 5. 1906: St. Patrick opened a school of nursing. Miss Jessie Quist received a diploma on June 21, 1909. The school closed in 1978, with over 1,200 graduates. 6 7 8 9 6. Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 1934: Adding up assets for the year: Actual value of buildings $202,167; actual value of land $24,000; horses, cows and other animals $265; vehicles, harnesses, farm and garden tools $65. 7. Oct. 6, 1952: A helicopter lands on McCormick St., at the west end of the hospital bringing a fire fighter for medical treatment. 8. December 14, 1975: Claude Freeman of Missoula was the first patient to undergo open heart surgery at St. Patrick Hospital. Dr. H.D. Adams successfully performed the surgery. 9. May 16, 1979: A heliport was built and competed by the Clark Fork River! No more landings on Broadway. 10 11 12 13 10. 1984: A new hospital is constructed to replace services in the Broadway Building. The finishing touch, hanging the cross on the main tower. 11. November 21, 1999: The Broadway Building is imploded to make room for a new ambulatory services building. 12. March 17, 2002: The new Broadway Building is nearing completion and an open house is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day. 13. April 2014: St. Pat’s Life Flight air ambulance service, started in 1980, took its last flight as the hospital went into an agreement with Med-Star. To learn more about the history of Providence St. Patrick Hospital, scan the QR code with your smart phone or visit