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Regenerative MEDICINE INSTITUTE & ANTI-AGING MONTANA Get Back to a Better You With Stem Cell Therapy DO YOU SUFFER FROM? • Knee Knee Pain P • Neuropathy • Joint Pain • Back Pain • Osteoarthritis • C.O.P.D. As a leader in stem cell therapy, we have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. Stem cells have the potential to be an excellent therapy for many conditions 0; ;909@" 8% 0 >@$@%9 1*3* 4#5@>%'@%9 ,$$#7%90/8289& =?)$@ .4,=- >@!#>9+ “Virtually any disease that results from malfunctioning, damaged or failing tissues may be potentially cured through regenerative medicine treatments.” Our network of top medical providers utilizes stem cells that are ethically and safely donated. Our advanced treatment protocols include rigorous testing and processing of the stem cells at an FDA approved biologic lab. Our doctors are all trained in using either your own Bone Marrow-derived stem cells, as well as ethical Cord Blood, Wharton’s Jelly and Exosomes. Adverse reactions are rare but include: Allergic reactions to the DMSO, (7;:8%<+ ">#! 8% /2##" ;7<0> 2@5@2;+ :85@;+ >0;:+ 8%(0''098#% 09 8%6@$98#% ;89@+ embolism at site where bone marrow is extracted, infection at aspiration site. Neuropathy Hip & Shoulder Pain Osteoarthritis “My first treatment at Stem Cell Centers, I saw a dramatic change in the way I could walk. I didn’t have any fear of falling. After my second treatment, six weeks later it got even better. I’m going to recommend it to anybody who I think needs some stem cell therapy.” - Gary “I did a stem cell IV, and I immediately felt better It was like four hours later 6 $1/ !4'1551-!34 %0&&. 6 +3,7( -01*&7 !4 1 vehicle. I could stand longer. My energy level increased. I can keep up with my grandchildren.” - Kathy View more testimonials on our website! “When I got my second treatment it got even better; I’m just so happy with what Stem Cell Centers has (34& %30 5&. 6 )4177" %&77 1/7&&2 14( -#& next morning, that pain, it was gone. It was gone!” - Moises /#'< +%" #46 5; 67<8< %<( 6:<16'<%68 $#42" IMPROVE YOUR LIFE GET YOUR LIFE BACK Find relief with stem cell therapy, and unlock your body’s own healing !#6<%6512* 03#5" 84:9<:&. !:<8$:5!65#% ":498. 1%" 1%65-5%)1''16#:5<8, Join us at one of our Free Educational Seminars Call 406.510.1385 to Register Hampton Inn KALISPELL 1140 U.S. Hwy 2 W Best Western Plus MISSOULA 5280 Grant Creek Rd 12pm or 6pm 12pm or 6pm Wed, Aug 21st MONTANA *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are still considered experimental. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. THU, Aug 22nd Financing options available.

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