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Space Age Technology Applied to Chiropractic Thirty to forty years ago, lasers had not yet replaced the scalpel for surgeries and robotic instruments were not building cars. But today these things are possible because of advances in technology. Technology is also affecting chiropractic treatments. A special hand held instrument developed by NASA scientists can now be used for chiropractic treatments while the patient is in a seated position without any turning or twisting movements. This unique blend of advanced computer and engineering technologies allows the doctor to both analyze and treat the human body in a way previously not available. “This new form of computer assisted treatment is so gentle, but effective, that it amazes even more skeptical patients”, states Dr. Lucas Pernsteiner. Dr. Pernsteiner uses the Sigma Instrument to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology in addition to offering patients several “traditional” chiropractic techniques. Bitterroot Chiropractic is the only clinic in the valley south of Missoula applying the Sigma Instrument technology. Using the Sigma Instrument, Dr. Pernsteiner can safely and gently analyze and treat the spine as well as treating other joints suffering from nerve impingement that causes pain in the low back, the neck, the shoulder and elsewhere in the body. In addition to joint movement, tight muscles can be loosened with ease and comfort. It is like a adjustment also work but people are drawn to this new technique because it is gentle and does not involve any twisting, especially If you have any of the following conditions, the technology of the Sigma Instrument may be for you. • • • • • • • • • • • • mini massage that enhances and prolongs the effectiveness of the adjustment. Patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plantar fascitis are being helped. After a treatment, arthritic thumbs are less painful with a greater range of motion. “The Sigma Instrument is able to detect the slightest amount of restriction in a joint and then deliver an extremely precise adjustment because of the advanced piezoelectric sensor” explained Dr. Pernsteiner. He adds that “Traditional forms of in the neck. There are a growing number who have discovered the advantages of the Sigma Instrument but many people continue to avoid chiropractic treatment because they are afraid of twisting the spine or neck”. Bitterroot Chiropractic should be considered by people who have been thinking about going to a chiropractor but have not made the decision. Dr. Pernsteiner would like to offer the Sigma Instrument and his experience with this technology as an alternative to or in addition to traditional techniques. Low back pain Sciatic nerve pain Neck and shoulder pain TMJ dysfunction Carpal tunnel syndrome Headaches Knee or hip pain Arthritis Plantar fascitis Numbness or tingling Scoliosis Sports injuries Treatment with the Sigma Instrument is consistent, measurable and gentle. There is no guesswork in finding the origin of the problem and it is safe for all ages. For anyone who has never experienced this revolutionary approach to chiropractic care, Dr. Pernsteiner will offer a complete exam with consultation and adjustment for only $25. This offer is only good until Friday, June 7, ,2019, so interested individuals are encouraged to act immediately. Contact Dr. Pernsteiner at Bitterroot Chiropractic (406375-5290) for appointments in Hamilton or Florence.

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