Details for Missoula Building Industry Association - Ad from 2020-11-22

Advocating for Builders Engaging Members Building Community The mission of the Missoula Building Industry Association is to represent and promote the building industry through advocacy, outreach, high standards, integrity, education and investment in the community in which we live and work. Our Annual Sponsors for the MBIA allow us to carry out our mission to represent and promote the building industry. We would like to acknowledge and show our appreciation to the following businesses for being annual sponsors of our organization: GOLD KEY Labor shortages have made a significant impact on builders across the nation. These shortages force builders to pay higher wages, leading to higher home prices and challenges completing projects on time. Locally, the Missoula Building Industry Association (MBIA) is working directly with local teachers and students to educate them on the value of careers within the trades. MBIA members are donating materials, tools, and time and working to employ local youth to combat these workforce issues. By addressing the concerns head-on, we are working to do our part to overcome the growing concerns of home affordability in our Missoula community. The MBIA Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to local students interested in pursuing careers in the trades. For more information about this program or to become involved in the progressive work activities in our community by MBIA members, email or call 406.543.4423. DIVISION OF GLACIER BANK SILVER KEY Investing in Our Future BRONZE KEY MBIA BUILDER MEMBERS BUTLER CREEK DEVELOPMENT (406) 541-4810 CHAMBERS CUSTOM DESIGN (406) 241-0231 CHARTER CONSTRUCTION formerly (406) 542-2434 CLEARWATER BUILDERS Why Select an MBIA Member for Your New Home or Remodeling Project? Members Follow a Code of Ethics to: • • Conduct business affairs with honesty, professionalism and skill in a timely matter, meeting all financial obligations. Provide the best housing value possible with high standards of safety and livability. • • Protect the consumer through the use of quality materials and construction practices backed with integrity and service. Comply with the spirit and letter of business contracts and to manage employees, subcontractors and suppliers with fairness and honor. • • • (406) 549-4300 GREG BAIN & CO (406) 752-2886 HOYT HOMES (406) 728-5642 (406) 360-2118 J-BUILT HEALTHY HOMES CONTINUUM BUILDER GROUP MOSTAD CONSTRUCTION (406) 241-4546 (406) 396-7087 EDGELL BUILDING Keep informed on public policies and other essential information. Seek to resolve controversies through a non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism. Support and abide by the decisions of the association in promoting and enforcing the Code of Ethics. GREAT HOMES (406) 721-1826 EPICC (406) 926-1888 FRAMEWORK AND FAMILY (406) 493-4434 (406) 250-6589 (406) 542-0200 MPH CUSTOM HOME BUILDER (406) 544-1411 PROPERTY SOLUTIONS (406) 240-5135 QUALITY CONSTRUCTION (406) 728-0080 SADDLE MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION (406) 241-4546 SCHROCK CONSTRUCTION (406) 961-6808 STRAIGHT LINE CONSTRUCTION (406) 251-5855 STRAIGHTEDGE CONSTRUCTION (406) 531-7261 TAMARACK CONSTRUCTION (406) 273-9821 TWITE FAMILY PARTNERSHIP (406) 240-2581 Missoula Building Industry Association 406.543.4423