Details for ANIMEALS - Ad from 2019-11-20

This Is Kayla... This sweet, 2 month old baby girl was found laying next to the highway after being thrown from a moving vehicle. She is the only survivor of the litter of 3. She has multiple broken ribs on her left side with bruised lungs, a concussion, eye abrasion, broken femur, tibia and fibula on the front left side, possible torn ligaments in her rear left leg. She also has what appears to be healed fractures in her ribs on the opposite side from a previous injury. She’s looking at a few months of recovery time and the bill was estimated around $3,000. Many of the homeless animals that come to us are in need of urgent care. Many suffer serious illnesses from neglect and harsh weather. Many have broken bones and life threatening injuries. Many require immediate, emergency veterinary care. It is important to get these animals stabilized as quickly as possible as shock alone can kill them. Please consider making a donation to the Critical Care Program, so we can continue to save helpless animals like sweet Kayla. Send your check to 1700 Rankin St. Missoula, MT 59808 or visit us online.