March 23, 1806 – Lewis and Clark abandon their winter quarters at Fort Clatsop, near the mouth of the Columbia.

March 27, 1840 – Father Pierre DeSmet leaves to St. Louis to join an American Fur Co. expedition west.

March 26, 1865 – E.T. McLaughlin, a Methodist minister, holds first Sunday religious services in Helena outdoors.

March 24, 1869 – A spring blizzard claims the lives of 17 soldiers from Fort Shaw near The Leavings (present-day Vaughn).

March 21, 1883 – Northern Pacific enters Gallatin Valley to great celebration.

March 26, 1888 – Committee on Territories reports favorably to U.S. Senate a bill to admit Montana as a state but not Utah “until it is certain beyond a doubt that polygamy has been entirely abandoned by the inhabitants of that territory.”

March 26, 1892 – Montana baseball league formed in Butte, to include teams from Helena, Great Falls, Bozeman, Deer Lodge, Philipsburg, Anaconda, Missoula and Butte.

March 21, 1893 – State Board of Education holds its first official session in Bozeman, accepts a campus site of 40 acres donated by Nelson Storey.

March 26-27, 1954 – 3 inches of radioactive snow fall south of Billings following hydrogen bomb test in South Pacific.

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