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Megan Nemec and Kyle Babbitt, Missoula, girl, Nov. 5

Jessica and George Lund, Victor, girl, Nov. 2

Candie and Sean Winters, Hamilton, boy, Nov. 4

Leah and Paul Hickey, Missoula, twin boys, Nov. 4

Reva Hill Burdett and Justin Collin Burdett, Victor, girl, Nov. 5

Kara L. and Joshua J. Whittle, Missoula, girl, Nov. 5

Hareem and Rasheed Omer, Missoula, boy, Nov. 4

Jaime and John Murdock, Missoula, boy, Nov. 7

Robyn Blake and Braden Kosola, Missoula, boy, Sept. 13

Hannah Crouch and Marx Kemmer, Missoula, girl, Sept. 21

Gail Hendrickx and Antoine Tenas, Ronan, boy, Nov. 1

Alexis and Steven Jacobs, Corvallis, boy, Nov. 1

Addie Molisee and Blake Powell, Missoula, girl, Nov. 1

Lenaya Swimmer and Kyle Yadon, Missoula, boy, Oct. 30

Alyssa Winder and Brad Keskeny, Hamilton, girl, Oct. 29

Kandace N. Miller and Taylor N. Mienke, Missoula, girl, Oct. 22

Mychael Dix and Justin Berg, Arlee, boy, Oct. 26

Shawna and Mark Fesler, Lolo, boy, Nov. 6

Suzy and Brian Berland, Hamilton, girl, Nov. 6

Catherine and Kendall Scarffe, Dillon, boy, Nov. 8

Kristie Scott and Nathan Scott, Helena, girl, Nov. 9

Cassie Meyer and Benjamin Utigard, Missoula, girl, Nov. 8

Catherine Alexandra Alvernaz and Samuel Jordan Polk, Missoula, boy, Nov. 10

Colleen and Anthony Piluso, Missoua, girl, Nov. 9

Cassie and Todd Auch, Missoula, boy, Nov. 10

Tayleigh Sykes and Raymond Guest, Missoula, boy, Nov. 11

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