sex offender stockimage

Violent offenders

James Grayeagle Aldrich, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Anthony Lee Maier, 711 Heather Drive, Missoula

William Joseph Massengale, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Marty Jay Shane, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Mark James Addison, 4720 Graham St., Missoula

Michael Jay Brown, 4636 Richlie St., Missoula

Jonah Micah Warr, 1920 River Road  No. 27, Missoula

Jacob Allen Wilson, 121 E. Addison St., Missoula

Joshua Eli Wippert, 4893 Audrey Ct. No. 5, Missoula

Jennifer Michelle Coleman, 5314 Skyview Drive, Missoula

Louis Theodore Fox, 924 Cooley St., Missoula

Steven Ryan Harmon, 7700 W. Riverside Drive, Missoula

Sex offenders

Wade Andrew Jacobson, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Charles Blair Stevenson, 705 S. First St. W., Missoula

William David Homsley, 521 Montana Ave., Missoula

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