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Matthew Balyn Cornelia and Christopher Thomas Oliver, Aug. 15

David William Gilcrest and Susanna Sonnenberg, Aug. 8

Anthony Mark Seitz and Samantha Rahnea Pierpont, Aug. 17

Evan Duane Stokken and Sonya Dee Rogers, Aug. 8

Robert John Lindstrom Jr., and Raedel Lee Lindstrom, Aug. 15

Michael William Kuntz and Kelci Nichole Cloud, Aug. 15

Dylan Andrew Burkhart and Sarah Kathleen Guhl, Aug. 16

Kyle Daniel Elzig-Houghtaling and Alicia Marie Heckel, Aug. 15

Eric Michael Wulf and Madeline Marie Delaney, Aug. 15

Peter Edward Schaefgen and Sarah Kathleen Vaughan, July 18

Seth Ryan Thompson and Janelle Marie Johnson, July 25

Michael William Davidson and Molly Rose Skorpik, Aug. 1

Draylen Andrew Askvig and Marcy Gale Prothero, Aug. 1

Max Andrew Hausauer and Jamie Gail Tritz, Aug. 15

Christopher Paul Schwartzman and Christine Kay Burt, Aug. 15

Derrick Gary Smith and Andrea Kathleen Johnson, Aug. 1

Michael David Straw and Amanda Leigh Jackson, Aug. 12

Ethan Alan King and Allyse Marie Ouellette, Aug. 8

Richard Roger Davenport and Michaela Lynn Finnegan, Aug. 8

Shaunda Jonell McConnelly and Tiffani Jean Hamel, Aug. 14

Chad Collin Ireland and Sharayah Lynn Beaver, July 31

Jason Dale Icenhower and Jasmine Rose Gardipee, Aug. 15

Nicholas Edward Pantaloni II and Holly Anne Turner, Aug. 8

Troy Edward Ussery and Sarah Rae Shaw, Aug. 15

Roman Derek Firestone and Samijo Lynn Kain, Aug. 15

Joshua Shane McCourt and Tina Marie Miller, Aug. 15

Jason Bradley Rixford and Rachael Anne Orizotti, Aug. 14

Gregory David Lane and Austin Conrad Barrow, Aug. 13

Jameson Guay and Nicole Stellner, Aug. 15

Casey Edward Ryan and Cheyenne Louise Laue, Aug. 15

Jordan Thomas Lind and Ashley Nicole Grassman, Aug. 15

Samuel Levi Gessner and Dominie Nicole Potter, Aug. 19

Robert Andrew Bruce Bennett and Pammela Marie Ewan, Aug. 13

David Earl Jones II and Cristal Jessica Hamilton, Aug. 13

Chad Ryan Cobell and Carolyn Gayle Childress Hardcastle, Aug. 14

Erin Kane Crobar and Shelly Sue Hall, Aug. 15

Markus Kermit Davis Jr. and Gwendolyn Marie Bigsam, Aug. 15

Brady Michael Potts and Raini Nicole Phelps, Aug. 19

John Charles Koelling and Oriana Meadowsong Turley, Aug. 14 (declaration)

James Williams Eddins and Ashley Darline Larue, Aug. 17

Jamie Lynn Adams and Jessie Rae Rice, Aug. 19

Tyler Alan Meyer and Olga Mikhailovna Lemeza, Aug. 20

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