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Massage on Broadway is strategically located between the courthouse and St. Patrick Hospital and offers customers a modern, upscale and relaxing atmosphere.

Massage on Broadway, which opened at 400 West Broadway on Oct. 15, is a locally owned massage therapy double studio that offers a modern, upscale and relaxing setting.

According to marketing manager Josh Rhines, the two full-time massage therapists on staff are highly trained in various styles.

“They are trained in techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage for athletes, because massage can help with recovery time and healing, structural massage and cranial sacral, with is an Eastern technique to help with migraines and headaches,” Rhines said. “We’re all about massage. We’re professional and medical-based. It’s all about relaxation.”

Owner Ashley Rowberry, a Montana native, wanted to have a place located downtown between the courthouse and St. Patrick Hospital that would be easily accessible and offer off-street parking.

Customers can also ask for aromatherapy, which is the implementation of essential oils as an addition to any massage services.

“Some of our popular therapies are 'thieves,' frankincense, lavender, eucalyptus/peppermint and rosemary,” Rhines said.

Rhines added that when people pay for a certain amount of time, they get that full amount of time in massage.

“Some other places and chains take out 10 minutes of that time for set-up and consultation,” he explained.

Rhines said that walk-ins are accepted, but he suggests people call for appointments.

“We’ve had a great response so far,” he said. “We have had many people that have come in after surgeries or with back problems, migraines and injuries. Massage helps speed up the recovery process and alleviate pain. We also have a lot of male clients. There is a misconception that massage therapy is sort of like a spa. But our clientele is about 50/50.”

For more information, visit their Facebook page or go to www.massageonbroadwaymissoula.com.

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