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DC Engineering

Employees work in the DC Engineering office.

DC Engineering is a full-service consulting engineering firm that provides mechanical, electrical, refrigeration and control system design as well as commissioning services.

The company opened its downtown Missoula branch office in 2005, and now has 25 local employees with about 170 nationwide. Tom Wolgamot, the manager of the Missoula branch, said his goal is to promote a culture of respect within the company.

“The big thing is really trying to respect one another and be able to appreciate individuals’ diversity and strengths and be supportive of those,” Wolgamot said. “We have external clients, but part of our respect mantra is treat each other as internal clients. A lot of times you get so caught up making external clients happy that you beat each other up. So make sure you treat that person next to you as well as you would an external client.”

The company encourages employees to seek out more work opportunities.

“Somebody might say ‘hey, I have an existing client and we can do more for them by offering some slightly different service’ and we are supportive of that,” Wolgamot said.

In addition, DC Engineering offers flexible scheduling and a nice health and benefits package.

“The workplace is incredibly relaxed and we are given the trust and respect we need to stay motivated and get the job done,” said mechanical engineer Sidonie Mattoon. “DC Engineering understands that life will throw curveballs and will always work to find a compromise. All in all my job is amazing. It truly gives me pride to know that my company has my back and as hard as we work for our company, our company works for us.”

Controls programmer Bill Crist said the company has an espresso machine, and they gather for microbeers every once in a while.

“We have the greatest boss you could have,” he said. “He’s always willing to work with you and sticks up for you when you mess up. Everyone helps each other.”

Mattoon said it’s a company that realizes employees have important family lives outside of work.

“Recently we have been able to get more involved in the community, volunteering with the Special Olympics and the cleanup of the Dragon Hollow (playground) being a couple more recent examples,” Mattoon said. “Everyone is easy to talk to and our boss is always approachable, making it easy to ask questions and be successful as a team.”

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