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Paradise Dental Technologies

Employees work at Paradise Dental Technologies.

Paradise Dental Technologies was born in 2000 inside the two-car garage of founder and CEO Linda Miller. Now, the company employs 53 people at its headquarters on U.S. Highway 10 just west of Missoula. They design, develop and manufacture dental instruments and products that are the most ergonomic and comfortable for both patients and dental practitioners and sell to 48 countries.

“Linda’s vision and philosophy is centered 100 percent around her team,” said Austin Hobza, the human resources manager for the company. “She is very much about a work/life balance.”

Every employee gets full health, dental, vision and prescription insurance, and they can choose from two types of plans. Employees work four ten-hour days, so everyone gets three-day weekends. There is a robust paid time off policy, and Millar will often give every employee an entire week off with full pay, usually around the holidays. There’s a 401k match and a profit-sharing program, and employees can take sabbaticals if necessary, like when someone wants to visit a relative overseas for an extended period.

“Linda does an amazing job of taking care of all of us,” Hobza said. “Her positivity and generosity are not only evident in how she treats her employees, but in the very core of her business model. She operates with the clinician and the patient in mind.”

The company has a monthly potluck lunch where all the employees gather. Miller thanks everyone with a loyalty gift certificate, a hug and a personalized card. Every other hour, all the employees get up to stretch and focus on physical well-being. A safety officer checks every workstation when a new employee is hired to make sure everything is customized just perfectly to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

“It takes every single person, and everyone is just as important as the next,” Miller said of her policies to keep turnover low and keep morale high. “Everybody pulls together as a team.”

The company often has badminton tournaments or rents out a deck at Missoula Osprey baseball games.

“It’s just a very family-oriented place,” Hobza said.

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