Chief Charlo students get a chance to show off their artistic creations
Chief Charlo students get a chance to show off their artistic creations

From photographs to "primary bubbling" to blockheads and boomwackers, the students at Chief Charlo Elementary School offered a mixed taste of art Thursday night.

The artwork of more than 120 students was displayed in an "art gallery" at the South Hills school.

In addition, Cari Fulbright's fifth-grade class offered a wax museum with each of the students impersonating their favorite character.

The Meadow Hill Middle School band, with director Eric Hutchins, performed through Thursday night's events.

The Chief Charlo kindergarten through fifth-grade students participated in 11 different workshops offered by various Missoula-area artists Monday evening. The wide variety of workshops covered photography, primary bubbling, African drumming, hip-hop dance, glass mosaics and, said Tammy Dauterive, "something called blockheads." Also offered were the art of texture, Asian calligraphy, a class called boomwackers and concertina books.

The "something called blockheads" are caricatures made out of wooden blocks. The kids use yarn and paint and different-sized blocks cut out of 2-by-4 boards to create caricatures of themselves.

Boomwackers, made of PVC plastic tubes, are acoustical instruments played by tapping them against something.

Primary bubbling is a mixture of tempura paint, water and dish soap. Straws are used to blow air into the paint solution, which then bubbles over the top of the container. The students place illustration board over the bubbles which, when they pop, form designs on the paper. Different colors of paint create different patterns.

Hip-hop is a modern dance style, while the art of textures uses all different kinds of materials - fabrics, papers, sequins and beads, among them - to create, in this case, pictures of South Pacific seas and islands.

Some of the students created fold-out accordion-style concertina books with stories, pictures and drawings about themselves.

"They learned a lot; they had a really good time," Dauterive said. She and Sally Peryam are lead PTA coordinators of the art festival.

The Thursday night art gallery featured the kids' works - pottery, papier mache, watercolors, photos and glasswork - from the workshops, classroom projects and any independent work they want to submit.

The wax museum, an annual final project for Fulbright's class, was on display in the upstairs multipurpose room.

An African drumming group, LEDA, will perform both drumming and dancing for the students Friday morning.

"This is the first year we've done this event," Dauterive said. "We have some quite talented kids here."

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