Jim Strauss Publisher 406-523-5201
Matt Gibson General manager 406-523-5202
Kathy Best Editor 406-523-5258


Gwen Florio City editor 406-523-5260
Tyler Christensen Opinion editor 406-523-5215
Anne Cruikshank Digital editor 406-523-5393
Bob Meseroll Assistant news editor 406-523-5298
Emily Petrovski Specialty publications editor 406-523-5210
Tandy Neighbor Office manager 406-523-5205
Laura Scheer Assistant News Editor 406-523-5243


Kim Briggeman Mineral County, veterans issues 406-523-5266
Eve Byron City, county government 406-523-5317
Rob Chaney Natural resources, environment 406-523-5382
David Erickson Business 406-523-5253
Peter Friesen Arts and entertainment 406-523-5251
Seaborn Larson Criminal justice 406-523-5295
Patrick Reilly Flathead 406-523-5240
Keila Szpaller University of Montana, higher education 406-523-5262
Cory Walsh Arts and entertainment 406-523-5261
Cameron Evans K-12 Education 406-523-5295


Kurt Wilson Photo editor 406-523-5270
Tom Bauer Photographer 406-523-5246
Tommy Martino Photographer 406-523-5371


Jeff Welsch Executive sports editor
Bill Speltz Deputy sports editor 406-523-5255
Frank Gogola Grizzly football 406-523-5247
Kyle Hansen Grizzly basketball reporter