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It’s the time of year to celebrate with warm, uplifting stories of hope, love, peace and terrorists taking over Nakatomi Plaza. There’s something comforting about spending the season rewatching holiday favorites, and from Rankin/Bass classic claymation to Will Ferrell screaming for Santa, The Roxy has something to fit every festive palette.

In the spirit of the season, some of The Roxy staff shared their favorite holiday movie memories.

I happen to be born on Christmas Day. It wasn’t especially eventful otherwise in my Jewish home so every year Christmas meant going to the movies – that and Chinese food. Usually we’d do a double bill – pay for one film and then stick around and sneak into another. One year, it must have been 1980, I distinctly remember a triple feature: “Popeye,” “Flash Gordon” and “Xanadu.” I was totally puzzled by Robin Williams’ “Popeye,” although Shelley DuVall was clearly born to play Olive Oil. “Xanadu”? Well, how much can you expect from a roller-skating disco fantasy with Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly? “Flash Gordon” on the other hand thoroughly blew my mind. Maybe it was the Fellini-esque design (they had wanted the Italian master to direct the film but he refused) or that amazing score by Queen. Whatever the alchemy, it was truly a Christmas Miracle.

– Mike Steinberg, executive director

I remember our first family trip to the movies in Whitefish. We went to Jimmy Lee's for Chinese food then caught the nine o'clock screening of “Home Alone.” We didn't do a lot as an entire family, but holiday movies were the exception.

– Aaron Roos, traffic manager

From aunts and uncles to second cousins: Four generations of my family took over the popcorn line, a couple rows in the theater and saw “Sherlock Holmes” together a few years back. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect guy to invite to a Christmas party.

– Ingrid Lovitt, operations and development manager

Movies and the holidays are intimately connected for me. We gather around movies not under the banner of any ideology, religion or politic, rather we gather as human family yearning to connect and share in our and others stories.

– Andrew Rizzo, theater manager

“Christmas Vacation” has been the soundtrack to tree trimming at my house for as long as I can remember. My family has repurchased copies of it at least three times as the formats keep changing, and I think there’s still a well-loved VHS floating around the boxes in the basement somewhere. By now everyone has most of the film memorized, so whenever it gets put on in my house everyone knows the correct way to respond to “and why is the carpet all wet Todd?” “I don’t KNOW Margo!”

– Becca Sayre, press coordinator

Christmas Eve for me was always spent at a different friend's house, watching the traditions of the holiday unfold and getting to feel included. But really, the main attraction was Christmas Day, where my dad and I would, for many years, have lunch at the same sketchy Chinese buffet, and my mother would take me to a movie. The tradition outshines most of the actual titles, but I do fondly remember escaping the cold Christmas Day in 2008 to see David Fincher's “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which carries just the right amount of magic and is long enough to be a truly satisfying Christmas Day escape.

– Marshall Granger, media manager

Come make holiday movie memories of your own, enjoy holiday titles all month long at The Roxy. On Saturday, Dec. 3, there will be a free presentation of holiday classics during the Parade of Lights. Additional seasonal programming includes “Gremlins,” “Scrooged,” “Christmas Vacation” and “Die Hard” as well as matinee presentations of “Home Alone,” “Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Elf” and a Christmas Day screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” End 2016 with a kick square to the face with our annual “Kung Fu” marathon – all day on Saturday, Dec. 31.

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