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A look at proposed ballot measures

By CHARLES S. JOHNSON Missoulian State Bureau

Here is a look at the proposed ballot measures still alive and eligible to be circulated for signatures. Some other ballot measures are not included if their sponsors have dropped them.

The descriptions of the proposed ballot measures are taken from their ballot language.

The tally of signatures are those that local election officials had reviewed and submitted to the secretary of state's office by Friday. It doesn't count signatures still under review at the county election offices, or those numbers cited by backers of the measures who haven't turned them in yet.


To qualify an initiative, backers must get the signatures of 5 percent of the registered voters, or 24,377 signatures, including 5 percent of the voters in 34 of the 100 state House districts.

Initiative 160. Description: Sponsored by Footloose Montana, I-160 would prohibit recreational and commercial trapping of wild mammals and birds on public lands in Montana. State signature tally: 4,669.

Initiative 161. Description: I-161, sponsored by Kurt Kephart of Billings, would abolish outfitter-sponsored nonresident big-game and deer combination licenses. State signature tally: 1,340.

Initiative 163. Description: I-163, sponsored by the Montana Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, would redirect $6 million annually in beer, wine and liquor tax revenue from the general fund to a special fund for drug and alcohol abuse programs. State signature tally: None.

Initiative 164. Description: Sponsored by Cap the Rate, 400 Percent is Too High, I-164 would cap at 36 percent the annual interest, fees and charges that "payday," title and retail installment lenders may charge on loans. State signature tally: None.

Constitutional initiatives

To appear on the ballot, a constitutional initiative needs the signatures of 10 percent of the state's registered voters, or 48,674 signatures, including 10 percent of the voters in 40 of the state House districts.

Constitutional Initiative 102. Description: CI-102, sponsored by the Montana ProLife Coalition, would amend the state constitution to define "person" to include every human being from the beginning of a human being's biological development, effectively outlawing abortion. State signature tally: 5,073.

Constitutional Initiative 103. Description: Sponsored by the Montana Silver Haired Legislature, it would redirect $11 million a year in oil and gas revenues to a trust fund to provide services for elderly Montanans. State signature tally: 825.

Constitutional Initiative 104. Description: CI-104, sponsored by Frank Kucera of Darby, would amend the constitution to allow lawyers in criminal cases to inform the jury that it may disregard the judge's legal instructions and determine the law as well as the facts. State signature tally: None.

Constitutional Initiative 105. Description: CI-105, offered by the Montana Association of Realtors, would amend the constitution to forbid state and local governments from imposing any new taxes on transitions that sell or transfer real estate. State signature tally: None.

Constitutional Initiative 106. Description: Sponsored by Duane Sipe of Stevensville, CI-106 would amend the constitution to allow citizens to petition to summon a grand jury to investigate any crime and prosecute any crime in charges. State signature tally: None.


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