John Marshall is a Hot Springs resident and the Libertarian candidate for Senate District 7. He is running against Jennifer Fielder, a Republican from Thompson Falls, and Mark Sheets, a Democrat from Thompson Falls. The following are his responses to a Missoulian questionnaire.

Should the Affordable Care Act – national health care reform – be repealed? And if so, what would replace it?

Yes, we should repeal the ACA and replace it with the Hypocrite Health Care Act. An act supported by elected officials in Washington, D.C., and Helena. An act that allows every elected official to have taxpayer-subsidized coverage but not the electorate.

If Republicans don’t win the presidency or Congress and the ACA is not repealed, should Montana continue to resist implementing it, even though it would be federal law?

Montana should continue to resist. Resist until every resident of the state has the same health care plan as U.S. Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester, and Congressman Denny Rehberg. The same taxpayer-underwritten, low-premium, low-deductible coverage that is being used by every Democrat and Republican in the Montana Legislature. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Under the ACA, Montana has the option to expand Medicaid and cover at least another 50,000 people, with federal assistance. Would you support or not support expanding Medicaid in Montana? Why?

I support the expansion of Medicaid to every Montanan. Should any of them break their ankle in a boating accident on Flathead Lake, or any other unforeseeable mishap, they, too, would be covered by a taxpayer-subsidized plan. The same way elected officials are covered if they should have an accident or ailment.

Should the state money spent on public schools be increased or not? What changes would you suggest in this funding?

Increase spending to create a 10-year plan to build a community college in every county seat in the state. This could be funded by eliminating the “oil tax holiday,” which would generate $100 million annually in revenues to fund the new school construction and staffing throughout the state. The new state motto can be “The Education State.”

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The oil-and-gas boom in eastern Montana is putting pressure on services, schools and infrastructure in that area. Should the state be doing anything to assist these areas and encourage the boom?

With western North Dakota prosecutors unofficially no longer prosecuting misdemeanors in lieu of the flood of felonies being committed there, it is time the oil industry stepped up to pay its fair share of the costs burdening the communities in the eastern part of Montana because of increased crime and the problems it is bringing.

Should Montana’s incentives for renewable energy be amended in any way? If so, how?

Amend them to include the Helena Hot Air Wind Farm. A wind farm that will generate power during every legislative session. With all the hot air that politicians generate – hopefully, I’ll be one of them; why else would I be running for office if not for the ability to generate a lot of hot air – (we) elected officials would be a new energy source.

Should Montana be encouraging coal production for export? How?

No, we should encourage the exporting of politicians. Get every elected official in America flown to China, have them all talking at the same time in front of Chinese wind turbines, and so much wind energy would be created that China would no longer need to burn coal. Gov. Brian Schweitzer and I, alone, could power Shanghai! Export politicians, not coal!

Is there anything Montana should be doing to encourage oil-and-gas development in the state?

Montana can create a statewide natural gas pipeline/fueling network. Funded and built by the state to offer all communities large and small the ability to use natural gas to heat residential and commercial building and for fuel. Vehicles modified to run on natural gas emit 30 percent to 35 percent less emissions.

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