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Missoula Gives -- Donate to area nonprofits

Missoula Gives is TODAY, and we are asking you to join our efforts to make this the most awesome day of giving that western Montana has ever seen!

Now, more than ever, people and wildlife need open space and places to roam to stay healthy and safe.

We are asking you to take five minutes to give to The Vital Ground Foundation, a Missoula-based nonprofit that conserves and connects habitat for grizzly bears, other wildlife, and for people too.

After that, you can give to other nonprofits that do the work you support or just kick back and watch how high the giving can go at https://www.missoulagives.org.

Your donation of any amount will help. Even $5 a month makes a difference in connecting and protecting vital landscapes in the Northern Rockies. 

Thank You!

The Vital Ground Team