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Most loved this week

Carousel for Missoula receives $1M gift

A Washington resident has given A Carousel for Missoula $1 million as a memorial to her brother, one of the original Carousel carvers, according to a news release.

Remove Trump from decision-making roles

For every child that dies this night in Syria, I charge the coward in the White House with murder. …

Trump criticizers couldn't cut it if put in his shoes

It gets real old constantly reading letters from guys like Ron Moser, Jerry O’Malley and Rick Wheel…

Demand mature climate response

In the Oct. 2 Missoulian, “Public Service” Commissioner Roger Koopman rendered opinions in denial o…

Lawful response to presidential corruption

Donald Trump is the creature our country’s founders warned us about. A corrupt, immoral president c…

Kindness reignites faith in Americans

Somewhere in Missoula there are several people who deserve a great big thank you!


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