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Most loved this week

Letter to the editor: How about Ryan Zinke?

Sen. Tester has clearly shown himself to be a strong and valuable supporter of America’s veterans. …

Monica Tranel: Three ways for Congress to focus on the public’s business

In 1963, then-Senator Mike Mansfield explained, “We are here to do the public’s business.”

Letter to the editor: Rewarding bad behavior

I was just about to get into my car, today, when I saw a drunk man staggering towards me. I heard “…

David R. James: Lessons from Auschwitz

Klaus Stern came to Northwest Montana 20 years ago to remind my students of the lure and dangers of…

Letter to the editor: Defend the rights of the poor

More than 20 Republican attorneys general (including Montana’s Austin Knudsen) have filed a lawsuit…

Letter to the editor: Keep up the good work, Sen. Tester

Thank you, Senator Jon Tester.


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