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Thinking about getting a pet rabbit? What to know before you hop to it

Rabbits can be high maintenance, and they have specific health issues to keep in mind. Here's what to know if you're considering a rabbit for a pet. Read more


Birds of a feather party together

Before gathering a flock of feathered friends, it’s important to remember that birds can be picky about with whom they choose to socialize; a wrong pairing can result in more than a loss of a few feathers. Read more


Mouse warming party

Want to deliver your mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil or guinea pig a squeaky good time? If so, your first order of business should be the acquisition of exercise running wheels. Read more


Cat’s meow

Unlike their canine counterparts, kitties can be rather finicky about who they frolic with. So unless you know for certain your whiskered one is a fan of a fellow feline, it’s best to keep the guest list limited. Read more


Dog days of spring

To honor the fun, quirky and lovable sides of your pooch, throw them a bone by hosting a doggone fantastic party. Invite some of their favorite furry friends. Read more


Top 10 Dog Treats for Your Canine Companion

Sponsored Content: Keep your pup happy this National Dog Biscuit Day with one, or several, of these tasty treats that are sure to please dogs of all kinds. Read more


Tetra ReptoMin Floating Sticks

This value-packed, healthy product is ideal for newts, frogs and turtles, and comes at a reasonable price. It has a strong odor, but it’s high in protein, fortified with minerals and vitamins and comes in multiple size options. It provides complete nutrition for turtles and promotes strong shell growth. Around $40 for a 2.64-lb. bag at major retailers. Read more


5 cost-saving ways to keep your pets healthy — and happy

Taking a preventative approach to pet health issues saves pet owners time and money. Native Pet put together a list of key areas to focus o… Read more


Photos: Rare fossil of ancient dog species discovered

Paleontologists recently found a rare fossil belonging to a group of animals called Archeocyons, which means "ancient dog." Read more


6 ideas for throwing your pets a party

Whether you have a furry, feathered, scaly or shelled friend, you can celebrate their many characteristics with a pet party. Here are some … Read more

Find your fur-ever companion

Don’t have a pet yet? Consider hosting a pet adoption party. Partner with a local animal rescue, especially one that has a surplus of adoptees. Read more

Myth No. 4: Old dogs can’t learn new tricks

The truth: You can absolutely teach an older dog new tricks, like how to shake hands, speak or roll over. Keeping the training sessions short and fun while using plenty of positive reinforcement like treats and praise can help make the training process easier. Read more

Myth No. 5: Dogs can’t see in color

The truth: At one point in time, it was believed dogs could only see in black, white and shades of gray. This myth is still believed by many people today. Dogs have fewer color-sensitive cones in their eyes than humans do. However, it has been discovered that although it’s not in the same way as humans, dogs can in fact see color. They can see blue, green-ish yellow and yellow along with various shades of gray. Read more

Grain-free options

For dogs that need them, soft treats are available in grain-free options, but a grain-free diet is not necessarily healthier for all dogs. Read more

Package size‌

You can find soft treats in many sizes, from petite 3-ounce bags to giant 2-pound tubs. Read more