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Is it a bird or a bunny? This optical illusion of an animal is confusing the internet

A video of a black animal getting a nice scratch is spreading quickly around the internet as people take sides in yet another great debate. Read more

Molly is adorable

Molly is an adorable kitty who would love a home where she can spend time indoors snuggled up with her people, and then head outside for hu… Read more

Scooby loves attention

Scooby is the sweetest and is ready to greet you as you walk by. He waits for you to pet him and then he’ll want to be next to you from the… Read more

Riley is a sweet dog

Riley is a mature, sweet dog who loves car rides and belly rubs. Although he would prefer an adult-only home, he loves playing with cats an… Read more

AniMeals has kittens needing homes

AniMeals has a number of kittens looking for their forever homes. Both male and female, all colors. Stop by and meet them today at 1700 Ran… Read more

How to protect your pet in summer's heat

As temperatures climb during the sizzling summer, pet owners are urged to take precautions to ensure animals' safety. Read more

Suzi is a a sweet cat

Suzi is a sweet older cat looking for a quiet retirement home. She is good with other cats and has lived with a dog in her previous home. S… Read more

10 things to know about toxic algae blooms

Green pond scum floating on a lake is not just unsightly. As animal lovers have learned the hard way, it can be deadly. Here’s what you nee… Read more

The 15 most dangerous human foods for dogs

When a dog chews up a new pair of sneakers, it’s annoying. When he breaks into the pantry, it can be dangerous. Read more

The World's Ugliest Dog Contest has a new champion. Meet Scamp the Tramp

Scamp the Tramp's looks have made him a winner — but it wasn't a beauty contest. Check out photos from the 31st annual World's Ugliest Dog … Read more

30 ways cats are not that different from dogs

Stacker rounds up 30 ways cats are not that different form dogs.  Read more

How popular is your dog's name?

Curious about the popularity of your dog's name? Want to know how names like Chloe and Milo fare? Check out our name database to find the perfect name, or see what others chose to name their pets. Read more

10 Items That Adventurous Travelers Should Pack

1. A quick-dry towel that'll come in handy when budget accommodations don't have a towel at the ready. I’ve stayed at many hostels where there are either no towels available or it costs $15 to use one. Instead of breaking my budget just to ensure I stay fresh and clean, I pack a quick-dry towel. These towels are nothing short of magical. They fold up really thin, making them easily packable, and they’re made out of microfiber so they dry super quickly (within two hours or so). I usually bring a small and large — one for the shower and one that's useful for outdoor activities. Read more

All The Inspo You Need To Throw A Puppy Shower

Read more

13 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Ireland

1. Diving into the Serpent's Lair. Also known as the Worm Hole, this naturally formed pool is situated on Inis Mór island off the west coast of Ireland. It's a popular spot for cliff jumpers, but if you'd prefer to stay dry, we won't blame you. It's still stunning to observe from a distance. Read more