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How old is my pet in dog years or cat years? A veterinarian explains

It may seem like sort of a silly thing to ponder, but determining a pet’s “real” age can actually be important when recommending life-stage specific healthcare for animal patients. Read more

Your pet on pot, or even CBD: Not a good thing, a vet toxicologist explains

As marijuana and its derivatives are sold legally in more states, pets are getting into pot, accidentally. And some owners are intentionally giving them CBD. A vet explains the dangers. Read more

Socks enjoys hunting and napping

Socks is a chatty indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys hunting and napping on her person's bed. This lap cat warms up quickly to visitors, and she… Read more

Poppy loves attention

Poppy is a female brown rabbit. She is a very sweet and tame young girl. Poppy loves attention and will come to you for affection. She love… Read more

Tika loves people

Tika was found at a very young age walking down a very busy street. She was scooped up and brought to AniMeals to save her from possibly be… Read more

Tuffy loves to be petted

This big boy is one of the sweetest cats ever. It took him awhile to get used to his new digs here in the shelter, but now that he is comfo… Read more

Goose will steal your heart

Goose is a perfectly-sized and handsome goofball who would love to curl up next to you for cheek rubs and belly scratches. He is very snugg… Read more

These dog breeds have never won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show

We all have our favorite dog breeds. Dogs we grew up with, dogs we look to adopt. But these furry friends don’t always fare well in competi… Read more

Presidential pets through the years

Almost every American president had a pet. From dogs to horses to cows and even exotic animals, these companions brought lots of joy to the… Read more

Photos: Meet best in show, King, and the other dogs of the 2019 Westminster dog show

A wire fox from Brazil who's won big in Europe became America's top dog Tuesday night, beating out a crowd-pleasing longhaired dachshund an… Read more

How popular is your dog's name?

Curious about the popularity of your dog's name? Want to know how names like Chloe and Milo fare? Check out our name database to find the perfect name, or see what others chose to name their pets. Read more

10 Items That Adventurous Travelers Should Pack

1. A quick-dry towel that'll come in handy when budget accommodations don't have a towel at the ready. I’ve stayed at many hostels where there are either no towels available or it costs $15 to use one. Instead of breaking my budget just to ensure I stay fresh and clean, I pack a quick-dry towel. These towels are nothing short of magical. They fold up really thin, making them easily packable, and they’re made out of microfiber so they dry super quickly (within two hours or so). I usually bring a small and large — one for the shower and one that's useful for outdoor activities. Read more

All The Inspo You Need To Throw A Puppy Shower

Read more

13 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Ireland

1. Diving into the Serpent's Lair. Also known as the Worm Hole, this naturally formed pool is situated on Inis Mór island off the west coast of Ireland. It's a popular spot for cliff jumpers, but if you'd prefer to stay dry, we won't blame you. It's still stunning to observe from a distance. Read more

Things To Know About Having A Small Dog

Small dogs are great companions that take up little space and are just downright adorable. However, a small dog isn't necessarily easier than a medium or large breed dog - the challenges are different. Your small dog’s diet, exercise and training need to be considered and established with his size in mind. Read more